[Anglosphere] The ultimate battle - Episode 2 - On the edge

  • Dear players!

    Shadow fell on the edge and that means that there is time for another story! Solve the riddle and help the hero to find the way out!


    Whoever wrote that note about doors was a joker! If this is the safe path, then I am the Roman Emperor! Arghhh!

    My old father had always told me that dying of old age is not part of my life story. He also said that I remind him of my mother’s grandfather, Mark Atilius, from whom – my father believed - I inherited my passion for adventure and ability to end up in risky situations (in fact, he used rather different expressions, but since I am planning to show those notes to my little sister, I wouldn't dare to write them here). And for quite some time, when I was scared to find some broken bones, I was totally agreeing with him!

    Alright, the good news is my bones seem to be OK, unlike my self-esteem as well as my knees and palms. I found myself on the hairbreadth of disaster. Only a few centimeters to the left and no one would ever find me here, let alone alive.

    Now a few words about the place where I was in. It’s a dark, rather big and deadly cold basement. The only light here was through the small window above the hole 3 meters above, through which I fell in here. The door was closed and I somehow was sure that the bookshelf is in its usual place and that means no one would even look for me here. If I had fallen just a bit further from the wall I would have ended up in a ditch that seemed quite deep, at least I couldn't see the ground. I found a small stone and dropped it into the abyss. A couple of seconds felt like an eternity, then I heard a weak sound. That meant the way down was not going to be an option.

    Nearby there were 2 long logs in which I recognized something that – probably a hundred years ago – used to be a ladder. Unfortunately, the rungs were broken and even if I somehow climbed up there using one of those, I wouldn't be able to open the door balancing on that stilt. So, the way up is out of the question, too.

    I sat on the edge of the ditch and stared into the darkness. As my eyes got used to the dark, I saw something that looked like a door. Ha! There is another way out! All I need to find out is how I can get there alive.


    The ditch around the door is 3 meters wide. Both logs are exactly the same length. Help the hero to get to the exit door.

    General contest information:

    Start date/time: March 5, 2019
    UK: 09:00 am (GMT)
    US: 04:00 am (GMT-5)
    AU: 08:00 pm (GMT+11)
    End date/time: March 11, 2019
    UK: 09:00 am (GMT)
    US: 04:00 am (GMT-5)
    AU: 08:00 pm (GMT+11)
    Winners announced on: March 12, 2019
    Winners chosen: Six random winners from among all the correct answers
    Prizes: 50 gold x 6 winners
    Gold voucher valid only in: Anglosphere, UK, US and AU communities
    Gold voucher valid until: December 31, 2020
    To be eligible to win, you need to: State your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the riddle

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  • Lay the first log across one of the corners of the ditch, leaving enough on each edge of the floor to support weight. Take the second log and reach it across the ditch to lay one end on the other side of the ditch and the end in your hand on top of the first log. Then cross on top of the second log to get to the other side.


    Anglo 5x

  • I think the answer is that he is on the ledge with the door already so he just needs to turns around and open it. The logs are just there to throw the story off and confuse people thinking they need to use them.

    Server; Anglosphere 8

    Name; Cuddles

  • Yola Loyalna, Anglosphere7.

    Need to use math here. 32+32=c2, which is the diagonal from corner of the ditch to the corner, so ~4,25. Now need to put one log in the middle of the marked corner (it would create a triangle), then we would reduce the distance to the door by around a half of the diagonal of the marked corner. Then the second log needs to be put at the middle of the first log to the corner of the door step. I would attach a picture, but not sure how ;)

  • Lay one log diagonally cutting a corner of the ditch and the other from halfway across that log to the door and hope it holds.

    the math...
    diagonal distance from door to opposite edge of ditch is sqrt(300^2 + 300^2) = 424.264
    rounded up to 425 for safety and assuming at least 10cm overhang on log from door to log means you need to reduce the gap by at least 425 - 290 = 135
    assuming you can achieve the perfect 45 degree angle on the corner cutting log the distance reduced will be half(log - overhang) meaning the corner cutting log can have at most 300 - (135 * 2) = 30cm overhang

    Nick: Chargrill Server: Anglosphere 7

  • The hero should just jump, 3 meters is not to long a distan to be unjumpable for a normal person, let alone for a hero like the one in the story, he is clearly super awesome.

    Player: Mfb90

    Server: anglosphere ts8

  • Take one log and lay it across the corner of ditch so that each end of the log rests on the edge of the ditch, two meters from the corner. Take the second log and place it with one end on the center of the first log, and the other end on the corner of the ledge in front of the door. Walk very carefully across the logs to the door.


    Anglosphere 6

  • Place 1 board across where the hypotenuse would be, but a bit closer to the ledge. Then place a board from the center of that board to the ledge with the exit.

    Nymeria - Anglosphere 7

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    UK3 - Rogue (winning ww holder) - 2018/2019

  • Hero would place log "A" diagonally at the upper right corner of the abyss, with one end supported on the north ledge and the other end supported on the east ledge. Log "B" could then be placed so that it was supported at the mid-point of log "A" and the other end supported on the northeast corner of the exit platform. The hero would then need to walk on log "A" across to log "B", then walk across log "B" to the platform.

    Assumed: nominal bearing lengths at each end of the logs, and structural integrity of the logs themselves


    1. The distance from the northeast corner of the exit platform to the interior edge of the northeast corner of the abyss is calculated using the Pythagorean theorem a2 + b2 = c2 , or (in cm) 3002 + 3002 = distance2 . Total Distance = √180000 , or roughly 425 cm (rounding up).

    2. Log "A" would be supported at each end diagonally across the corner of the abyss at a 45 degree angle to create an isosceles right triangle with legs of (about) 212 cm and a hypotenuse of 300 cm (log "A" length).

    3. Distance from the interior edge of the northeast corner of the abyss to the center point of log "A", again using the Pythagorean theorem, is 150 cm (half of the length of log "A").

    3. Calculating the remainder distance from center point of log "A" to the upper right hand corner of the exit platform: 425 cm (total distance) less 150 cm = 275 cm. Log "B" (300 cm) spans this distance.



  • Place one log diagonally across a corner of the ditch, forming a right triangle with the sides of the ditch. Place the second log so that one end rests on the middle of the first log and the other end reaches the exit. The two logs will form a "T" shape bridging the gap.


    Hey, ho, nobody at home,
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    Yet will I be merry!

  • Since the length of the wood is equal to the size of the gap, Shadow should easily be able to pole vault to the other side.

    BLT anglosphere7

  • One log can be placed such that it crosses from the right side of the ditch to the top side, forming a right isosceles triangle. The second log can be placed to stretch from the center of this log to the top right corner of the ledge he is trying to reach.

    The first log would have to be placed nearly as far as it can (it works with the isosceles triangle having a length of 210 cm, giving a few cm for the board to catch the edge). The gap between the center of the first board and the corner we are trying to reach is then only about 275 cm, leaving 25 cm of wiggle room with the second log. This would mean that for the placement of the first log, the isosceles triangle could have an even shorter side length so that our hero doesn't have to fear the log slipping or breaking.

    I rounded a bit, so it may hot be perfect, but it should be quite close and work.

    DarkEdge, Anglosphere 7

  • 1. Simple option:


    2. Difficult option (You must know your own weight and the weight of the board):


    3. And the last option: put one board on another. A little push in different directions. Using garments to tie the boards together at the edges. This design can withstand a large load.
    P.S. After use, dismantle the design and return the clothes. )))