[Anglosphere] The ultimate battle - Episode 2 - On the edge

  • Anglosphere 8, Legion

    Put one log diagonally from the top edge to the right edge (both on the hero's side) of the pit, then put the other log across the middle of the first log to the upper right corner of the exit platform, so the two logs make a T shape over the pit.

  • Use both logs in the shape of the letter T

    First log is placed so that one end is on the top (bottom) edge about 210 cm from the right corner.

    The other end is placed on the right side edge about 210 cm from the top (bottom) right corner

    Second log is placed so that one end is at midpoint of first log, the other end is placed on the nearest corner of the floor in front of the exit.


    IGN : Stan Gaska

    server : ts6.anglosphere.travian.com

  • He can put one of the logs in either corner of the pit making the log form a "triangle" with the pit representing the 2 short sides and the log the longer one. He can then put the second log on the first one as it is now closer than 300cm to the exit and it will reach. Then he can climb (balance) on the log and get to the exit. The simple way of putting it is he uses one log horisontally and one vertically, starting form the corner in order to make the combined reach of the two logs long enough to reach the exit.

  • Take one log and put it across the top right corner of the abyss, or ditch. Then take the second log and connect the first log to the corner of the area in front of the door.

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