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  • I dont understand why youFrozen Angel keep talking about cheaters...if you have suspects or evidences , just go to MH, ez. If MH do nothing, its just one reason behind, theres no proofs or enough evidences. YOU must accept it and keep playing doing your best or surrender and delete the account. Stop crying.

    Anyway, what you keep doing its like a vegan crusade against meateaters... like spit against the wind...its just stupid. For me , its just only a big cry, from someone who cannot play, who was owned by the MAD strategy and had no answer.

    You can play, sometimes you can win or loose, but you do its only a big joke :D

    Im not MAD player

    pd: opening umbrella in 3, 2 , 1

  • Frozen Angel fair enough

    and about the last part, like i said, we get it, it becomes useless and annoying if you keep repeating it though

    there is literally nothing you can do

    so you don´t need like i said to keep sh*tting on people for what they´ve done or have chosen to do

    plus its not like this is the only server or MAD is the only ally that have cheaters, lets be honest, they are everywhere, maybe not as blatant, but yes

    complain to MH (even though we both know they won´t do anything) or better yet, go apply for an MH job

    and stop killing the fun for others by trying to bash them

    La Mala Ice we already know that stuff

    dont sh*t down on people for what they choose to do just cause you don´t like it

    honestly you´re just like a replica of frozen lol

    Travwander i did´t say don´t say it, but there is a point at which you should literally just drop it and stop

    instead of just blabbering, DO SOMETHING OR TRY AT LEAST

    spamming the forum ain´t gonna get you anywhere, just pisses the people off

    especially what frozen has been trying to do, blaming any and everyone if they even have a thought about joining MAD or whatever

    someone already said it "sending them on a guilt trip" or something along these lines

    pipiolo she already surrendered and deleted

    just wants people to feel bad if they do something she doesn´t like

  • Where them reports at ?

    TM sends out MMs with nice reports. I guess their leaders don't like sharing. Not sure why, its not like MAD doesn't know where the armies are.

    Deathwish yeah so absolutely I will whenever it is relevant to do so. For example, my posts have usually been commentary on recent developments, such as when the server confederated MAD. Yes, I will comment and yes, I will let those losers know what I think of them. Do they need to or will care? Probably not, or they wouldn't have taken the pathetic actions they did. No you are here telling us to shut up about it. No, every turn they do something cowardly, I will say so.

    pipiolo please don't play dumb. MH and travian doesn't act for the same reason they have never acted in the 11 years I have played this game. Big money spenders rarely get actually punished. They will get like a 2 day ban, warehouses emptied and done. Basically the entire MAD-Z alliance got banned at one point, yeah that happened cuz they were so innocent. Then what happened, they get kicked and replaced by more multies. Fortunately, for them the server has confederated them.

    And no we were not owned by superior strategy on their part. They simply cheated and spent literally hundreds of dollars a day. That isn't better game play, that is called pay to win. So pardon my if I don't particularly feed defeated or owned by them. If TM has deep pockets, good for you too.

    TM sits smug because they still have a chance as they weren't hit first, well clock is ticking buddy. TM has 3-4 weeks to make some big money moves. Hopefully now that Enric has more time he can spin a miracle.

    WILD: Always Ready, Already Loyal, Always WILD!

    "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack"

  • How do you know others are not trying at least? If other alliances are not trying the whole server is already MAD and its bots. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ME TO TRY? HACK INTO THEIR COMPUTERS AND FIND EVIDENCE?

    Sometimes evidences are hard to find, but MH should have the skills to find them. Since MAD is cheating so blantly MH should have banned most of them already. However, it didn't happen. Don't tell me they are not cheating, it's part of MH responsibily but they failed.

    People have spent their time and money on this game, we play for fun, we are not here to be tortured by people who cheat. You have the responsibility to complain it too, and you should say it here. We all should keep talking about it unless MH ban the MAD cheaters or other cheaters. We are not spamming in the forum, and I don't know why people (except MAD) will be pissed off.

    What is the problem of blaming people joining MAD? They should be shameful to join an alliance who cheats and especially a lot. I don't know if you are used to being cheated or part of it, I never cheat in any online games, not like you ok?

  • i think the "worst" thing its Merge.

    i get crushed with 80k Clubswinger 18k Teutonic Knight. that only can be there be "merge" (him settled many time before and its impossible to make it in that time)

    other allied get crushed be a wall2wall town..... (i got always catapults and try to take down that town but was to far of me....)

    i think TM got a very good strategy and his leader (Enric) may do a interesting figth ;) but its need a good "gold amount" ;)

    well i continue "playing" but me 15c gets 4 times gets crushed.... but well.... i like to be "bob the constructor" ;)

  • Travwander MHs won´t do anything, we all know that

    but rather than keep mentioning it on the forum, keep digging for info and IGM it, or like i already suggested to frozen, apply for an MH job and do the right thing

    and i never said that they´re not cheating

    but then again, MADs ain´t the only ones doing so...

    btw, watch out for that hole on your face, we don´t want to expand too much and rupture

    just cause im sick of y´all flooding the forum(instead of engaging in fun convos and posting nice reports as it should be), doesn´t mean that im a MAD player nor that i cheat

    whether you believe that or not, is up to you now

  • Ask TM leaders to share reports. If it were my operations, you wouldn't need to ask, they would have been shared already. I agree, more fun if you can see the battle reports.

    WILD: Always Ready, Already Loyal, Always WILD!

    "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack"

  • Apply for an MH job? Nah, travian doesn't even pay for that job, that why it really sucks that no one can do anything with the cheating.

    So who else are doing it too? some top raiders in the beginning you want to say?

    but you didn't own this forum, no rule said that we must post funny stuff or reports here, and especially telling MH is useless are you said, we have to let others know about the unfairness in the game, maybe you know, but many people may not know. This game is already dead to be honest, only some people who played for a long time. The forum is more dead than the game and you are setting your own rules here to stop people expressing their frustration about the unfairness of the game.

  • TM sends out MMs with nice reports. I guess their leaders don't like sharing. Not sure why, its not like MAD doesn't know where the armies are.

    May I ask is there reports that Mercy’s (me) villages been catapulted or conquer, if so, it’s my honor to be a part of your MMs;)

    By the way Raistlin you lie to me;)

    Afro merge 50000 Mercenaries and 15000 Marauders to catapulted my village in 5 minutes routes.;) I was so expected that he will give me the village. ;)By the way can you ask him how many does merge these troops cost?;)

    Since TM seems doesn’t wanna show reports, I respect their decision so I won’t post reports here.

    I just wanna say TM are devils. Only devils will make their off plan at GTO world premise and launch another conquer plan at the first replay;)

  • There was evidence. Their bot accs where removed like 4 5 times through this server. their main accs got banned repeatedly and unbanned again probably with punishments. but the scale of what they did and how that effects an early game in a ptp server and how that period that they owned such accs effected us is the issue.

    I dont need to prove my skill in this game to anyone (Already did that part repeatedly to anyone that matters). Nor I care about what any of you think about me.

    And call it "Spitting on wind" or whatever. Playing in this server was just a mistake. It's like rewarding travian for the lack of having plans about cheaters specially in annual servers. With limitless gold options here and their lack of ability to deal with cheating as fast as they should and how they threat reports - for weeks they just say yeah sure we will look into it! if you see more stuff tell us about them - and one or two week later they remove those bot accs with no real penalty on main ones.

    The issue is that one or two week. The issue is that they remade the bot accs for next region. The issue was their massive early game lead in every region they walked in and how they crippled our players early server. The issue are those great veteran players who were my close friends and will never ever play travian again because of what they went through in this server.

    It's not about the game itself anymore. yeah its personal. And yeah I said it before. I just can't consider the ones in mad, "people".


    And ok since you dared me I will apply for MH job after my wedding in November and when my life had a routine again. oh yeah, I'm a real person IRL with an actual real life and concerns.

    edit: Oh and I must add. the people who join mad ARE WORSE than the actual cheaters inside mads. because those are the people who are "replacing" the bot accounts and their early dirty strategy. They are making that sound like legit playing. And yes Because of them it will happen again. It will continue to happen and it will grow in every server to the point where travian is actually trashed - not that we're not half-way there already.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


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  • Travwander not just the top raiders and fair point about the MH job but i just thought about mentioning it since you guys all seem all too keen to make a change:)

    and concerning the forum, can't i dish out my own opinion? or ist that just you guys that are allowed to?

    also are you implying that the people who read this are thick? or else why mention that you are clarifying the situation to the players?

    Frozen Angel hell yeah i'd love to see you doing some MH work and see WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY CAPABLE OF LOL (i doubt that you'll have much choice/say in the matter anyway but still worth a shot)

    exactly, it's already half way there, so talking too much won't help. stuff been around for ages and it won't stop just cause a few people are crying on the forums

    also, congratulations, hope that all goes well and good luck :)

  • Congrats on your wedding. Wish you will be MH and catch all cheaters in travian world, especially Pardora and Tournament.

  • well some spicy posts...the fgt its alive xd

    frozen, no one wants to keep reading were owned by mad, asume it :D

    if they pay a lot of gold they are untouchables?? have no is not a free pass haha

    stop saying topics..the defeat you, accept it

    pd: congrats with your wedding



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  • Don't act as if TM doesn't have cheaters.

    Two of the top 10 robbers in TM got banned last week ;)

    MAD is just not skillful enough

    BTW, I'm from neither MAD nor TM, just an outsider

  • @pipiolo no one asked you to read them :D

    Yeah I was defeated by mads. Absolutely no shame in saying it

    I'm actually proud of everything I did in this server though. <3

    edit: Also it was not about their gold. Nor their cheating. it was about the combination of the two that killed us in early server. You had time to develop we didn't. I really hope TM wins this. I'm really rooting for you guys no matter how much you shit-talk me.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Really don't understand what's wrong with the combination of two alliances...
    It's a game about war and diplomacy, isn't it?

    It's smart that you take one region without losing troops

  • Nothing is wrong with the combination of two alliances for victory. We're only insulting mads whoever support them cause they deserve it - not because they became each other wings - but because of the way mad played the early server.

    Not sure what about that was complicated.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Hey,

    We are waiting for @Kamikaze_enric to post all the reports. Meanwhile, find here Afrodita's one.

    About the cost, I can tell you, it was arround 2,2k gold. Nice wall tho.