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  • Like I tought you one of the slaves on smokes account or one of the guy who followed him to TKW Cant say that I know smoke but know his a good player but then again who are you? A random noob with some luck to end up with a nice player like smoke... Should have know beter that smoke never would act like you do here on the forum. Sorry that I tought this guy was you smoke...

    Our leaders (my queens) came here with a plan. The first they have to do is to change that and adapt to a small map instead of a larage map becuase of travian messed up. Then we have you guys who came here to play with us and just becuase you dont like how they lead when it comes to artifacts you jump the ship. And sure thats ok you cant like them all or more like we cant follow there lead becuase we think we are beter and we do what we like to do... And yeah sure fine quit and go to another alliance but start to attack us and start a war right away its was made me angry... And that was why I called it backstabing.

    Whats also makes me sad and angry is that Gazoo end up in the middle of all this and have now decied to quit. Jonny and Maria are real life friends to me and we were looking forwad to play here toghter. I understand why they quit becuase they dont want to end up fight ehiter one of us...

    So now you made your self my game...

    I am Thomas (Croco) and you can finde me on the Mr Slate account.

    Till we meet again :evil:

    Tomas aka Croco

  • lol

    he is seriously talking about my gold.

    don't worry dear. I have no money problem - never had

    and stop this desperate try lol. I deleted my account in that server where all 3 alliances there (KGW, TM and Team) wanted me in their alliance - I had multiple friends in each. I deleted just cause i didn't want to join enemies of team as I was team/pb defense coordinator and I couldn't live with myself after betraying players who trusted me like that. I was not "kicked" from team/pb that server. They were asking me to stay for a long long time. The reason I left PB and that server was that I could not stand the toxicity of that server and how some people behaved.

    But as a matter of fact you will never understand why would anyone delete account over joining the alliance enemies I'm pretty sure. It's just beyond your understanding. Its on an entirely different level of being a human.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • So oracle deleted. bye felecia

    It seems that mads have a taste for settling in regions we own. Makes the game more interesting I guess.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • yeah when they found out who I am they deleted :D lol *joke*

    Mads will not last for so long even if they cheat....

    as i heard they did not had nice records other than getting banned in the last few servers so it is normal .

  • noob

    Gone = Deleted

    Who said you got banned?

    I did not put anyone in any screwed up situation. You forced gazoo to delete cause they were not having fun anymore after what you did.

    Your mouth is around but your account is gone. Congrats you just moved the definition of not being scared.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Hi to everyone!

    1st post on this forum jejeje

    I wish you all a great game

    It seems SYN are doing a great job so far, nice movements and crops 150-125% in the last hours

    I am so excited for this server

    For sure we will have a lot of fun!!

    Good luck to everyone :D

    Enric, Leader of TM

    You can find me in game in Zeus acc :D