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  • Just to point out, that misunderstanding had been resolved.

    Haters gonna hate though.

    @Kamikaze Enric_ES TM is doing really good and is scary.

    I'm glad that if we don't win, mads will never win and its you guys

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • MAD don't deserve to win. I'm Merlin from H by the way. PB, SYN, TM and Respect -the big METAs- can all have the title for as far as I'm concerned (although I'd like to see an underdog team like ourselves win - probably not going to happen though).

    Well done to SYN, TM and Respect so far, you seem to have a good grasp on your current regions.

    And again, good job on the maps Frozen Angel , I look forward to the next maps :)

    Slackers Guild Alliance

    The Black Company

    Get Lost

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  • @Admin I know we shouldn't talk about banning stuff here, but MAD are still using bot and multi obviously now and in the past, many of them still not yet get banned.

    I would rather lose to other alliances than MAD cheaters.

  • Mads are like zergs.

    They use scripts, multis and bots all at the same time.

    It's impossible to stop the way they grow or to coordinate an attack on them without heavy loss.

    And no one does anything serious against their repeated obvious rule breaks. I think I'm reporting new stuff I see about their cheating every 2 days -averagely- since start of this server.

    And thing is their cheating here unlike a ww server will not just end in a big wwk or wwr that you can wall or chief to make it disappear. Their multis means extra growing - vp denial - new tribe chiefing and even more experience for their heroes.

    And tbh whoever is in any of the mads alliances and is supporting this attitude is worse then the actual cheaters there. I dont know how they are living with themself playing like this.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Well could you tell us what this "cheating" is ? i mean ways to dodge the multihunters wont last long, you will get caught if you use bots or share passwords.

  • Cheating is their 30 banned accounts in girba who made villages so they could chief before the bans in ravenna

    Cheating is the new accs they made that just looks like the same banned accounts - this time egyptian probably to feed their heroes too.

    Cheating is the fact that They have same people playing multiple accounts (on different devices with proxy or on different net or using thor idk) and that accounts exist in mad that have no real player behind them (and I can name them if you're intrested you can contact me privately) - its not just 1 or 2 acc. This information comes from mad itself. They are not even hiding it open mads and see all those (even high pop) accounts with random letters (yes they are multis)

    That and they have infinite gold it seems but I'm not saying that one is cheating :D

    400 pop in 5 hours! good job puppy. You and your kind keep this game alive :) Say hello to roar and Kaoru for me. I mean your other personalities ... See u soon

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • I've just been really disrespectful and rude to an ex-friend who is currently on mad alliance on discord.

    Since I know they will read this: I meant every word I said about mads to them.


    oh and since they dared me to post this on forum too, I also think a player on TM was cheating on early stage on game as i saw some inconsistencies with it and I reported it to MH. I didn't check to see if anything was done about it or not. I'm just not sure how mads player dare to compare what they are doing in alliance scale to what anyone else ever did in history of travian and dare to still talk about anyone else.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • 400 pop in 5 hours! good job puppy. You and your kind keep this game alive :) Say hello to roar and Kaoru for me. I mean your other personalities ... See u soon

    I have teammates. We work as a group. (probably you don't, I don't know )

    All the MAD members send resources to me in this short period of time while you guys are sleeping

    What's the point of mentioning Roar and Kaoru? One is my att partner and another is my def partner.

  • I just congratulated you. What is the big deal?

    pedit: and none of us were sleep we were watching your pop grow. Its good to have a village to chief.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Mad already took the advantage of cheating in the early stage, even there are MH working now only the minor accounts will be affected and their main accounts still have the advantage.

  • We are sending the following email to travian administration about the crippling effects of mads cheating and we hope that everyone else in every other alliance sends something similar to travian administration and MH.




    This text has been sent to you from all members of the SYN to report about a series of game-crippling hard-core repeated cheating that was done by the alliance ~MAD~ and it's official and not official wings MAD-Z, MAD-D, MAD-F, and PSE.

    First and before everything, they are running multi accounts. [censored - can't say on forums as I promised the source to not expose them on forums But we were told the following regarding some of the mads with multis]

    Genghis Khan = GGG
    ADG = CoolJim = CWU
    LSDG = FungB
    Puppy = Kaoru

    Secondly, they repeatedly create and develop new bot or multi accounts to deny other regions and to make villages for themselves to the chief or raid.…65536/Schermopname_39.png

    For example in the above image, you can see an entire alliance of roman bot accounts which were made and they all settled in Ravenna early game:…91778/Schermopname_42.png

    Before MH could do anything they chiefed such villages and took lead there and now that those initial accounts are deleted they are doing new multis in a smarter way for Regions Salona and Cartagho:

    -20|-109 Deja
    -19|-109 Krista
    -18|-109 Leona

    are just one of the billions multi-account this alliance holds and used to affect other regions. Those 3 accounts were made at the same time in the same region - all Egyptian all settled at the same time in Cartagho and all their new villages are still called New village.

    They don't fear Travian rules cause the punishments are not affecting them in any manner significant.

    Their top raider is raiding a bunch of other accounts which are raiding for them.

    They managed to get infinite resources using these multi accounts and with this resources and the amount of gold they spending (they repeatedly golded villages from 0 to 500 pops and merged all their troops in them) they are basically unstoppable.

    Furthermore, we ran few operations against them trying to remove these multi accounts and even though the accounts are offline and no population or troop is made with repeated scouting magically they are always online and can defend the accounts with the defense they are making in their wings. These repeated incidents are suggesting that they are using Alarming scripts (a script that will start beeping if your account or your multi in their case is under attack) and very likely Auto resource delivery scripts (to send crops automatically from their extra accounts to feed a huge amount of defensive army in their smaller villages)

    Mad is known for cheating from previous servers. If you open forums and read the last NYS chat or the current chats for this server you can see that they have a history of long term humiliating of all the Travian rules and everyone else who played on the same server with them.

    The effects of such cheating are less significant in a WW server as it will only result in a bigger army that you can still avoid and win the server against it but in regional servers, these type of cheating cripples the VP system, artifacts and has way more significant damage to alliance members as everyone's villages are more sparse and spread over the map for securing more regions.

    The players in alliance SYNdicate demand justice and will not buy any more gold or spend anything on this server or for some in all other future servers (as they are quitting the game), unless if immediate and serious action is done against the cheaters that make the game playable again.

    Sincerely yours,
    Players of SYNdicate in - ptp x2

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • The H alliance supports this notion and has been informed to CC this support to the MH's in game. Cheating on any level should not be permitted.

    If nothing is done about this by the MH's and CM's, I suggest that the large META's and other top 20 alliances form together to rid the server of these cheaters prior to continuing their regional acquisition.



    Slackers Guild Alliance

    The Black Company

    Get Lost

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  • It is dissapointed that MH is lack of the skills to detect those cheaters even they are obviously cheating. Maybe the MAD are spending more gold than others so travian doesn't want to cut their income.

    If members who are in MAD but not cheating should immedaite leave the alliance, and ban the rest who remains in the alliance especially the officials, only the main alliance will use the bots in their wings.

  • Hmmm, if they havent been caught yet, its kind of like "your words against theirs". Without them being caught "officially", i doubt one can do much and on top of that if they were not caught for a whole round last server they will sail through in ts20 too.

    FYI when the moderators find so much content about ban they will either shut down the thread or clean it up.

  • Seriously teach me

    I don't know how your supposed to beat cheaters Golding new villages every other day and merging offense wherever they need it

    When troop merge is not there its one army somewhere far that you can work with strategy and get rid of it. Cheaters cant do shit done

    Here they make new villa gold it up to 500 merge off and kill everything and move to next part. You cant even develop to compete

    They are basically left free to do anything they want in any scale they want.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?