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  • Guys youre telling me this is planned ? BY A LOGICALLY SANE PERSON ? like seriously, someone thought, lets settle side by side without caring about oasis or any care in the world.

  • Schermopname_42.png

    These purple ones were the bot accs of Mad-D when at start they went for ravenna

    compare the maps and you see what I mean

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Frozen angel, my old friend in 5x.

    This is maimai again and my role is playing cp in different time zone for key account.

    CQB(close quarters battle) is a strong weapon to destroy a region def.

    This is our normal way in every server and we did same thing in 5x to against SL/VR alliances at 100/100 region.

    Thats the main reason VR decided to go grey area during that time, i've been to you guys discord to attend the ww hammer meeting.(cp crab)

    It reveals that you didn't encourage your team to take immediate action to delay our attack.

    Once they are tried and lose confident, we won easily.

    Same thing here in Delphi, we will take it soon and move our eyes to TM.

    For your suggestion, planning, push allocation, strategy development and gold are all important for travian game.

    Russia/Italy/Romania are strong than us and Arab/Turkey are close.

    Not sure if you've experienced tournament or final, at least i tried 10times in my past 5years and our scale/skill/gold is not enough when against above alliances.

    If you still think the major factors of losing in PTP is bot/multiacc, I would suggest you to quit travian from now.



  • It's not a matter of "A Major Factor", it's a matter of cheating in a game, period. If MAD beat the server based solely on skill, I would gladly give them a round of applause and pop a bottle of champagne for them.

    If, however, MAD or any other alliance are cheating, then they do not deserve to hold their head up high during their victory dance.

    Gold is OP af as is, and should be removed from at least 1 server to allow for a pure skill based game. Travian Games can make their money off advertising (as they do with the 25% faster build if you watch an ad) on just one server - keep the rest for golding if you want, TG. However, bots/multiaccounting bring that level of OP to a whole new (and near unbeatable) level.

    I don't hide my ingame account from the forums, you will find me easily as "Merlin" from "GL". If you have a look, the account is low pop, with high attack and def stats - this is because I do not Gold. Without Gold I can still keep up for a large part with the average Golder. Throw bots and multiaccounts into the mix, and it's a done game.

    Slackers Guild Alliance

    The Black Company

    Get Lost

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  • Russia Italy Romania Poland Turkey Arab :P Damn lots of team so strong, I’ve just remembered that I sleep about 3 hours per day during the finals:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

  • Maimai you missed all the points

    tournament or final does not have troop merge. Close quarters battle is entirely different in a PTP server because of merge. because of merge its not about skill or lon term talent of making an army to strike. Its just about the amount of gold you can spend.

    No one said shame on mad for being a bunch of rich kids. We simply said yeah you expend more. we don't think we're gonna spend as much.

    But What we had issues with and what we repeatedly mentioned was your mass cheating - that some of you did and the rest just stayed there and watched it. You say the MH dealt with it but the damage of that cheating was so fatal that MH-removing those accs will have no considerable damaging effect it had on us.

    I suggest you to read about logical fallacies since your post does not making any sense. you're saying how a Technic works (which is entirely different in PTP and that was the point I was making - cause of the troop merge) - then you talk about how other alliances gold and play better than you and somehow are using it to show your alliance innocence.

    Yet after all those talks bout other stuff you mention "cheating" and somehow you act like everything else you said will tackle the cheating accusations off mad.

    make more sense please


    Frozen Angel

    PS. its a shame that you can say you were my ally. I'm truly ashamed of that a mad player can say that about me. please never mention that again.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Nice post Maimai ;)

    Delphi wont be enough for win :D

    I just hope u guys fight till the end. It will be soon day 40 and its 140 days Server. So we will have 100 days of pure war from now on.

    I will just ask one thing:

    Do not give up

    I want to fight till last day of server :D

    Good luck to everyone ;)


    Leader of TM

  • like the song ;) dont give up ;)

    We want to be harass ;)


    The cow of TM ;)

  • Enric, are you guys facing any competition yet over in the west? Over here on our side it's been non-stop war with everyone. Lots of fun.

  • Not really. Frozen keeps posting even though their alliance is done and she claims she isn't playing anymore. And in game, the fighting continues. So more fun and fighting to be had here and in game.

  • TM is great enemy and had excellent map strategy honestly.

    Totally understood Delphi is not enough, currently MAD is 40% versus 60%(TM) win rate based on current regions.

    I won't give up, no worries. :)

  • Actually no UrMom . I am SYN player. SYN is done. Like dead now. Yesterday there was infighting and now the wings separated. We are all told to make our minds to what we want to do. So syn is history

    I got my mind made up at any rate:)

  • But I think the function of forwarding troops also makes deff coordinators more easily to organize defense. In my opinion the merging function buy the first few hours advantages for the off players, but a team with a great defense teamwork will soon reverse the situation.

    This is just a murmuring from the deff organizer in the normal server, forward function is so OP:)

  • There is no "forward all" option. using forwarding for attacks that are under 20 minutes away is hard. using it for attacks under 10 minutes is impossible.

    forwarding to kill a hammer that a rich boy merges in a loction 10 min away is not a possibility.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • There is no "forward all" option. using forwarding for attacks that are under 20 minutes away is hard. using it for attacks under 10 minutes is impossible.

    forwarding to kill a hammer that a rich boy merges in a loction 10 min away is not a possibility.

    u should "destroy" that "fungus" at the moment its "maked"

    all time im checking and re checking map to "see it"

    but if u cant destroy it... its GG

    well surely MADs will overhelm us ;) but we play to play against the betters ;) so wainting to see it ;)