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  • What is MAD?

    What is TM???

    MAD its the best ally in the world. All players of .com domain and travian want to be mad

    tm is the worst ally in the world ;) all TM wants to get Free (like the song ) but zEus is a bad bad baad and if we quit he will take down our villages ;(

    holy crap?? a new food?

  • Its kind of like this-

    1. A scenario where the king of england attacks your kingdom again and again, kills your people and cheifs your villages. End of the day you become weak so that you cant conquer the world

    2. While on the other side are the Persians who have never attacked you or bothered you.

    Who would you want to dominate the world ? The power who is favourable or the one who attacks you ??

    Its essential to understand that as per human nature for some its better to see your enemy win than lose. Not that it is relevant to the present situation but should answer why people want MAD. I still dont know why OnePiece does though, they got their ass handed to them by MAD.

  • OnePiece are cowards not the first day knowing them. The main thing I don't understand is, before OnePiece joinging SYN, they already had a wing called TwoPiece, and both the alliance were almost full. OnePiece had no regions, no troops, no croppers comparing to other alliances at first, this is weird that many people joined them from the beginning, either they are onepiece fans, or OnePiece randomly invited people, or...there are some multi inside:mmm:.

    I don't believe they have multi, maybe few, but if they have which actually makes sense why they joined the cheaters together now, as they don't think cheating it is a problem.

  • mmm TMs they are really cowards.

    They just stay in the ally because afraid from zeus ravage..

    Mads help us :love::love::love:


    COWAR mannnnnnn






    4º HISPANOX - GANADO - HOGWARTS :rom03::rom06::rom08:

    HISPANO X5 - GANADO - WeaWeon :egy03::egy06::egy07:

  • Where is so much salt on forums that that Luffy's ship has sailed on salt island and bogged down

    No hate to any of ally still playing but since its so much ワンピース I have to do it:)

  • Can someone tell Afrodita not to attack my village?:)

    He set between my villages and build pop to 600 up in few hours.:)

    I'm so afraid.:)

    Please don't catapult me that i'll so afraid that wet my pants.:)

  • Can someone tell Afrodita not to attack my village?:)

    He set between my villages and build pop to 600 up in few hours.:)

    I'm so afraid.:)

    Please don't catapult me that i'll so afraid that wet my pants.:)

    dont worry ;)

    Afrodita just pop up to give u a beautiful village ;)

    so do 1 chief and send it alone ;)

    dont be Afraid ;) just smile ;) ;) ;)

  • the king of england? freddie mercury?

    A group of good players from nys 5x and other servers are going to com5 with me

    Rumor says Team will make an appearance there too

    Rumor also says that TM might join. I'm still not sure though!

    rumors usually are deep wishes which will never come true....keep dreaming

    pd: rumors says that addons for one vegetable browser are down and no one be able to launch waves from it...its the end of cheetah players?? hahahaha

  • Not really bro, PB is mostly made up of guys who just joined this server

    Well I heard Team fell apart in that ptp server so no surprises that they gathered a new gang and recruited in server more than bringing old players.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • MAD will fall, same as SYN did but not that easily xD

    How's the sever doing? Kamikaze Enric_ES

    Shame in SYN for leaving the server crying <X


    Regarding the name 'TM' we just decided the name a couple of days before joining the server...

    We usually choose a topic (Mithology this one) and we are using a new name on every new server. We didnt know that 'TM' was famous xD

    My team and I won several Hispano servers(netx mostly) and also a couple of com domains such as comx3 and some ptp x3 too

    We are mostly used to x3 speed not x2 but we are giving our best ;)

    I settle on girba = LSDG settle a village next to me

    I settle Ammon= Stephencurry settle a village next to me & Genghis khan nearby too

    It seems I am giving u guys a lot of atention, thats good ;)

    Server is going great, nice competition guys. All I can say is thank you. If server is easy... makes no fun to play at all :D

    Good luck to everyone :D


  • they settle netx to u because they know the true ;)

    u are a great farm ;)

    no MAD settle netx to me :( :(

    Escila ;) u can gogogo!! MAD ;) im too a very very good farm ;)

  • I don't know why the -Removed- are they censoring Spanish comments, that guy must have a trauma with Spanish speakers!


    If you came to a Spanish forum, we'll respect if you put something in another language, as Portuguese and Italian players do in our servers!

    I don't know why here they don't respect that!! WTF is wrong with this forum?

    Even just a little text in Spanish is -Removed- censored!

    No wonder why this game is losing players.... and no wonder why this forum has so small number of pages and people talking about the server!


    A formal complain has been made to CSR of the domain Ridder Huma I hope he takes an action about this!

  • Because this is English speaking part of the forums Killua Zaoldyeck_CL

    Kamikaze Enric_ES Such a coincide, very annoying I have to admit. Did it ever cross you mind after you learnt that accidentally you pick alliance tag with some history that you can change it? :)

    believe me ;) Enric its so annoying that he cant imagine TM was a Wonder Wonder ally ;)

    i mean CM, TM, CH, GG, GL, HF, SYN, MAD, TK, FK (a huge etc....) its all the best allys "ARAUND DA WOLD" (around the world but lets say in bad Spaninglish" )

    so i know u ELE are a bit new in TraBian but believe me all ... all Tags are already used no 1 or 2 o 3 times ;) (many more times)

    so dont be bother lets say TM now its a Farm ally ;) before was a Great ally ;)