• Will it ever start? Will people even be around to play it? Find out on the next iteration of the Community Calendar. Until then heres a place for us to cry.||;(

  • They just told us sometime in April, we can join a PTP x2 if we wanted.....................lol

    Seems that is where travian is putting it hopes into for the coming future. Would not be surprised if they get rid of Legends all together soon. If they do I am gone.

  • They won’t get rid of Legends, dw..

    But yeah, delaying AngloX for useless ptp2x servers make no sense.

  • I think TL should also get a 2x it's just the right kind of speed for me tbh neither too fast nor too slow...

    I thought I could also join in the and sympathise your wait:(

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein
    It's a strange logic yet contagious

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  • All the answers I have been seeing make me think they want us to move to PTP, and I can't stand that version of the game. So to me it seems they want to shuffle us off to PTP and get rid of Legends.

  • Since I just replied in another thread about the same, here is a copy:

    No, Travian: Legends will not disappear.

    This is for all the players who loves the version with Victory Points, and the do love Path to Pandora and 5 tribes.

    Anglosphere X will restart, and announcements will be made as soon as the date are ready.

  • So it seems PTP is more important to Travian then Legends now a days. We know why the the long wait, it makes more money then Legends does. You have to have gold to play that version and more of it. Typical.

  • OR.....

    They are delaying it to get more players to join the 3x. Supply and Demand at its finest. When they launched first anglo 3x, Not as many joined as others would have thought. So delaying the second 3x server until the interest and demand is increased = they make more money. It also makes for a more interesting server.

    Food For thought.



  • No was told they are holding off till PTP 2x starts. Don't understand why they have to wait for PTP 2x to start but that is the answer I got. Of course we have asked why we have to wait for PTP 2x to start to get the Anglosphere X and again no answer.

  • Not sure if you guys noticed they took down the comments we made on the community calendar page for March. And as usual they gave us no answer as to why Anglospshere X has to wait for PTP x2 to start.

  • Its simple math. With the unknown date of anglo 3x, players are bored, and will probably start another server for the time being, in this case ptp 2x. ptp is more gold consumable on its own + its 2x so it lasts longer, which generates even more money. And since the ptp will be most likely goin on for like a month when 3x starts, a lot of players who wanted to play 3x but went to ptp2x because of boredom, will stay there since they invested a lot there already. Everything was always about the money, and will always be, sadly.