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  • Now, I know there is no rule about a time that takes place between one server ending and the next one restarting. However, some servers tend to have a longer waiting period between those two than others. I do understand that some are more profitable than others as well, but servers that are a success should be restarted faster. I'm not sure exactly how long it's been, but I think about a month since AngloX ended and there's no word on a restart. Most questions have been ignored by the administration and this is one of the reasons this game keeps loosing players. Horrible customer/player support.

    I am one of those people who have stuck with USx even at it's lowest days, and I'd do the same with AngloX, but such a long wait has honestly made me lose interest in the game and am contemplating wether I should play at all. I know a lot of people feel the same way, and several fully loaded alliances have been waiting for a restart announcement with people dropping out by the day.

    While all the other international servers, who started at about the same time as AngloX, have been announced/restarted (Balkans, Hispano, Brasiliero...) we can't get any word on AngloX from Travian admins, forums executives or Travian Facebook page.

    What is happening with this domain?

  • Thanks for the answer, however it still doesn't explain why it is so and why there was such a long wait. And I'm not saying you have anything to do with it by any means. All those other domains that have PtP starting also have regular servers restarting.

  • They are doing it because I feel they want us to move over to the more expensive version of the game PTP, and get rid of Legends. I mean in all the answer they have giving us its because of PTP.

  • No, Travian: Legends will not disappear.

    This is for all the players who loves the verision with Victory Points, and the do love Path to Pandora and 5 tribes.

    Anglosphere X will restart, and announcements will be made as soon as the date are ready.