UK2 editing farmlists is broken

  • This is difficult to describe. I have already sent a message to ingame support but need to expand on that message.

    I have two farmlists, one for cavalry and one for infantry.

    I often edit natar farm list entries while I send rams to get rid of a wall that is killing troops.

    If I click on the natar village in any farmlist so it shows the normal village screen and click on 'Edit farmlist (village already in several farmlists)' it shows me the entry from one of my farmlists. However, selecting a different farmlist from the dropdown list box doesn't change anything! It continues to show me the troops from the original list!

    Hope you understand.

    IGN is Scoot on all servers, all the time.

  • To elaborate.

    This village is in 2 lists as shown here:-

    No problem clicking edit in every farmlist but I prefer to click on the village itself and choose Edit farmlist, from this dialog box

    Which brings up this:-

    Great, you might think. But if I change the farmlist selection in the dropdown listbox at the top, it doesn't display the correct entry!

    Here you can see I have selected farmlist Bananas but it is still showing the Carrots entry!

    That, in a nutshell, is the problem.

    In game support suggested I clear cache and update Java which I have done with no effect.

    The problem is on PC, firefox and mobile, Edge browser.

    IGN is Scoot on all servers, all the time.

  • I have exactly same problem. It happened like 3-4 days ago. Here are the scenarios:

    Scenario 1:
    1. Open farmlist
    2. Click Edit on one of the farms
    3. Change Farmlist in the dropdown list.
    Result: The troops will not reset. If you had 10 Legos in first farmlist those 10 Legos will still be visible in the farmlist you changed to. It wasn't like that before.

    Scenario 2:
    1. You have a same village in 2 or more farmlists.
    2. Delete this village from one of those farmlists
    Result: This village gets deleted from ALL farm lists. It wasn't like this before. This is SUPER inconvenient.