Merchants travel

  • When you have a merchant send to your troops, TO is lvl 20, and you send troops to defend. Speed arti X !.5 and TS20 Great Pennant

    The troops arrive in a matter of hours, and the merchants to feed them arrive 12 hours later.

    Something is severely wrong with this picture. FIX PLEASE?

  • Kindly ask the enemy where they will attacks, so you can send crop to the target prematurely, so it's not late for the attack.


    si4 2007/08 Vrba [ANCIENT]

    si5 2012/13 orangutan [AK]

    si2 2017/18 sph1nX / Blobfish [Midgard]

    si1 2018 .iDKz! [RM]

    com29 2018 sph1nX [UN-C]

    com83 2018/19 Bacardi Time [DSC-IDTS]

    TT Finals 2018/19 Witch King [Union]

    Anglosphere6 2018/19 Fimbultyr [Bifrost]