Legends by the Fire: Your favorite tribe

  • What is your favorite tribe? 32

    1. Romans (9) 28%
    2. Gauls (11) 34%
    3. Teutons (8) 25%
    4. Huns (1) 3%
    5. Egyptians (3) 9%

    Welcome to this week's Legends by the Fire thread. Once a week, the Nordics player community will get a new topic to discuss by the fire.

    What is your favourite tribe in Travian? Give your answer in the poll and tell us, what led you to your decision!

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  • Egyptians are mine favourite.

    Waterworks is op.

    Troops aren't so good imo, they've lot of negative things.

    But maybe it's a good thing that Egyptian troops aren't good, because Waterworks is too good. :/

    Stone Wall also gives great defensive bonus.

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  • There is just 3 tribes in this game - just like there is just 2 genders in real life. Check your facts before posting.

    I'm not really sure what genders have to do with tribes, but more the merrier!

    0 points for Huns out of 20 votes? Are the Huns hard to play with or too similar with another tribe?