Daily quests

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  • So my feedback is about the daily tasks and rewards. The most important reward to get immediately after making an account is an XP reward. It boosts your hero production a lot, so If you don't get that you're automatically behind people who got it. It seems like it is not worth it to keep playing if you fail to get that. Just make a new account and hope for better luck, if not repeat.

    Getting the 4x200 resources or random 1000 resource doesn't matter that much, but the next reward that has a huge impact is the culture points reward (50 culture points). Taking, for example, my PTP2x start. Got XP on the first reward, and kept playing normally. The second day I got a 4x200 resource reward. Now it comes to the third day, and I got a 50% chance to get the CP reward. If I get it, I'll be the among the first ones to settle on the server and get a nice 125% or 150% 15c, rewarding my hard work at the start and providing a bright future for my rest 137 days. But I did not get it, which meant that my settling time was postponed by around 12 hours. It meant that I was not able to get a crop at the start, because regions for other croppers were locked. So all the effort for shaving minutes off from a settling time with wise planning of building order, buying cages and cleaning oases with settlers was for nothing. It made me a little furious and frustrated, but I know it is the spirit of the game and how it works right now. But does it have to be?

    My idea for the reward system would be the following: Make the first two cycles of rewards identical, so it really comes down to whoever plans his start the best. After all, this is a strategy game. For 2x and 3x servers the first cycle is in huge part, and for normal speed server, the second cycle can affect the settling speed, if you get your second CP reward on your day eight. For example first day CP, second day XP and resources on days three and four. Having CP on any other day than day one could make it so huge amount of people get the CP full at the same time (12:00 server time) so it wouldn't be optimal either.

    What do you think?

  • My duals and I actually discussed this in regards to the NYS 5x, and also posted on the forum about it. It's definitely broken. Making the rewards fixed in some way for the first few days is the easiest solution. It can either be that the order will always be the same across all servers.. Or that it will wary from server to server, but that everyone gets the same order - and then you can decide if you want to play it safe in regards to CP for example, or hope to get it from daily.

  • IMO random rewards in daily quest/adv 11 afterwards is what makes early game interesting .. these things you can't plan before means more strategies .....

    It can either be that the order will always be the same across all servers

    if they did this people won't go for 100 points daily since 20k res/4k each is pretty useless

  • ??? When do you mean? At early game? Maybe. Later on? You realize that currently it's a cycle, and not full random. So you will have all rewards from each tier, before you can get the same reward again.

    i meant early game ..people who try for 100 points with v2-v4 ...... let's say they fixed reward like this 1st exp,2nd cp,3rd 4k each and 4th 20k res no one will try to complete on day 3/4 ... ik it's a cycle n not full random but tell me seriously will you spend that much resources on 60 cav + 3 small party if you knew that you are going to get res in rewards ....