• It has been really awful today. I must have seen that watch advert 20 times and the only time it worked it did the double build. Very frustrating

  • I gave them the advert numbers that were ripping us off and wasting our time over 24 hours ago and still nothing has been done.

    I wonder how much money they have made from wasting our time and then I realise why they can not be contacted directly and why they are not so keen on doing anything about this major problem.

    The mass exodus of customers seems not to bother them.

  • Hello!

    Thank you for reporting this and I can understand your frustration about it.

    In order to get help with this issue though, you need to report it ingame to Multihunter.

    When you report it, please give the number of the advert. It is shown in the upper left corner when the advert starts. That way, the Multihunter can report it to the marketing department.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


  • I have been giving the advert numbers to Multihunters for years, nothing is ever done and the problem has just got worse and worse.

    Has it not occurred to the Travian team that not ripping customers off is their responsibility?

    The game has now been largely ruined with there being no limit on the number of adverts that can be watched, as sometimes the construction order does begin it has kept myself and many like me sat wasting our time watching advert and advert for nothing while getting more and more frustrated at the same time.

    Like so many others, this will be my last server.