Looking for dual com2

  • Hello, we are two dutch players currently playing on the com2 server. We've been playing together for multiple servers now, and the last two server we finished rank 1 and rank 7. I'm currently writing my thesis, and my dual is busy with work which means that we are not able to spend as much as time as we'd like on travian. That's the reason why we're looking for someone to come and join our team. We are currently top 20 with a more defensive approach this server. We both prefer an offensive play style, and we master the farming skill, but due to a lack of time we decided to play defensive oriented. And I must admit that a defensive play style has been very enjoyable to us so far. We do have a hammer to have fun with though.

    If you feel like joining our team, feel free to add me on Discord: baklap#4599

    We're looking for someone with preferbly the same experience as us, with enough free time to play. We are willing to take a less experienced person in aswell, but only if you have a lot of free time. We are okay with learning you how it's done.