[Anglosphere] Fact and rumours Anglo X - Round 2

  • IDTS... love a lot of people there, awesome players, fantastic group. Nothing but love and respect for you for everything that was done over the years. However, facts are stated above in Duv's and nut's posts. A lot of wrong moves, lack of coordination and such shifted things around. I truly do believe that even though Berry/SOG was great, the players and level of talent IDTS and UGR had this round should have been enough for a victory. Lack of effort, time and busy rl schedules, lack of coordination and foremost underestimating the opponents cost us the round.

    I 100% agree with you on that, in term of talent IDTS and UGR probably have a more solid team, maybe not in experience but at least in player count + def and offense count. The issue reside in management. At least from what i have witnessed

    Also without the indian clan we recruited, we were all around pretty weak and it would have changed a lot of thing if we didnt get em. Could have given a morale boost to idts and the landscape would be differant today i believe.

    Anyway, in 2 round from now the chaos army will come again... possibly stronger. I'm not sure we will join side with ironhand but we will be there. Until then, best of wishes.

  • Gongratulations from me and GT14 for the win. It was defintely a good round from you guys and you kept us busy with moving def due to very good and coordinated OPs. Also your scouters did a very good job, i believe they had more knowledge about our tropps than ourselves :D

    Altough things didn't go quite as was planned, we also want to thank every member of IDTS and UGR. There are so many nice people and it was a pleasure to play with all of you :)

    In the end i will share our troop numbers as i was #1 Off until Arte release and GT14 was like 90% of the server time #1 Def according to the General Tab.

    So this was my hit on Uni Boots (had like 6-7k Rams i believe)

    Unfortunately i don't have any Screenshots of GT's def so i will just share his numbers.

    Arte day: 330k Def in Crop

    Plans release: 1,1M Def in Crop

    Hopefully we can improve our troop count in future rounds and we wish any of you all the best for the upcoming rounds :)

    Dypras and GT14

  • Yeah good game even if it went to cheaters.

    I find this comment offensive to me and the dual's/sitter's on Mangosteen. We all put a lot of time and commitment on our account. The fact you cannot grasp having a handful of good duals/sitters come together to run an account 24/7 and resort to calling us cheaters is pathetic. Perhaps you should try upping your game instead of trying to dismiss others.

    You have two ears but just one mouth, listen at least twice as much as you talk.

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  • Yeah good game even if it went to cheaters.

    In what universe would anyone need to cheat to beat Nimrods? Honestly...

    For fun though, in what way do you imagine we are cheating? Truly interested as I enjoy gossip.

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  • Congratulations Berry!

    Another server comes to an end. And like always there is a story to this one too. Here goes…

    Like I have said before, a few of us friends joined this server to have some fun. A good war. Now we spawned in SW without having any idea that the quad was already planned for the idiots! So after joining, we look around the map and see the alliance idiots is growing. So we think since we are in the same quad, we should tag along with them and try our luck. So we apply to join from different accounts. After a few nonresponses, I get a reply from Duvessa, the then veronica salt. I was asked to join discord and was interrogated about my past. Since we had no idea who was playing on this server, we didn’t have references as they called. So I was told they will decide within the leaders and let us know. This was before the 2nd day. And so the wait began. As we were getting close to settle, we still didn’t get any answer. We sent our first settlers in the SW quad which bounced. Then to another coord, that bounced as well. And in the time of the settlers travelling, we got word that Mathieu was playing too in SW. When DK approached him, Mathieu invited us no questions asked. I have played with Mathieu before on comx(not really a pleasant experience), so was a little sceptical initially. But after having a chat, we decided to follow the SOG ally into the SW/SE border in deep.

    And so we send settlers to the village next to the cap. Xxx and banned had to cata down the croppers, take the cap. Lucky for us, we were quite prepared this time. First xxx and then banned. And from then on, it was a fight against idiots! The rest we have already aired our reports out here. So, not going to repeat.

    Mathieu: Even though I was little vary at the beginning, I am quite happy with how we ended. You have been an amazing leader. Im quite sure I haven’t made it easy on you at times. but u have kept your cool as much as u can and worked things out. Your ops played a major role in getting us to where we are. And as I have said before, you took up multiple roles in the alliance. Not caring about your account and that’s what we needed in a leader! Glad to have played under your leadership.

    SOG: Even though we were new to the alliance, you have accepted us from the very beginning and showed us how a team should work. Thank you for all the support! It was a pleasure playing with all of you.

    Berry: We might have been in different alliances, but have had a great friendship. Be it in defence or sharing artis, you guys have always helped us out when in need. Our combined ops did a lot of damage to the enemy. You guys have had a steady growth from the start and it was great witnessing it. All that raiding/simming, im jealous! It was fun playing with you Bruce. You guys have been amazing all along. The troop counts speak for themselves!

    Idiots: this server wouldn’t have been any fun without you. Especially on the forums! Its always a challenge to fight against an enemy better than you. And that was exactly what we were looking forward to. Winning and losing Is all a part of the game. Even though initially, you were a little sore about losing, you guys have been a good sport towards the end and im glad to see you want to fight back. In my few years of experience, I do know that sometimes the good players get busy irl and the alliance might not have all the activity needed, which would impact the team. So hope you guys get back to your full potential for the next server and fight better!

    Wonka, Jovan, Undisputed, Senator, Dyprus: you guys have been a sport on the forums. Ive always liked a little fight of words too and you guys have entertained us well. Thanks to you to keep the forum arguments going. I apologise if any of our comments were offensive. It wasn’t intentional.

    Kany, Nimeni, Phoenix and xxx: as always its been another fun server guys. No matter what, you guys always have my back. I know I can always count on you! Thanks a lot for dragging me in even though I didn’t want to.

    Lastly my brilliant duals :

    Tyler, you are as much my dual as a sitter! Im pretty sure we wouldn’t be a rank 2 def account if not for all your hard work! You have kept the account going all the time I was busy and we know that was a lot. This was after managing yours all by urself!

    Mathias, there isn’t anything new I can tell about you. You have been amazing since you joined us. Be it stealing the artis or ghosting hammers or making me use the fools! I always have something to learn from you!

    Dex, I wouldn’t have played this server if not for you! You’re the best!

    Thanks a lot guys,! For making this server yet another memorable one.

    Clueless: Ign BANNED!

  • Anyone know what happened to the Roman Nimrod guy who was incoming on our WW? His village was at -400k

    ...Oh wait, it got chiefed before it landed, with no losses. I’m sure Nimrod will learn how to queue def one day :D

    they call it "Super Trooper Saturday" and they train on saturday , all day all night . best thing i got to learn this server . btw congratulation berries and sog .

  • As for that situation, when I mentioned it in our leadership channel, I was told that no one was allowed to recruit anymore. That is where the discussion regarding your account ended. It is clear that that decision bit us in the behind throughout the round lol. It was a sore spot for me, as I really thought you would have done well in IDTS. You guys played hard and had a fabulous account, well done. And while I regret that it wasn't with us, I am glad you found a good team and had fun.

    they call it "Super Trooper Saturday" and they train on saturday , all day all night . best thing i got to learn this server . btw congratulation berries and sog .

    Super Trooper Saturday, hmmmmm. NNOF, anyone?

  • On behalf of the Durian account, thank you everyone for a fun-filled server. A couple of special shout outs:

    TK: I have a great deal of respect for how your group performed this server. Truly hope you all return for a 3rd round.

    IDTS/UGR: Always fun to compete against your group. Obviously not your best performance, but I have a strong feeling that you will come out swinging hard next round.

    SOG: You guys were amazing. Nothing more needs to be said there.

    Berry: Congratulations, we are now relevant :)

    Lemon: Congratulations on become infamous. :thumbsup:

    Duvessa: You also failed to recruit me a couple of rounds ago. I think on comx? You should tell the other leaders to trust your judgment on recruiting :P

    Bruce: Next server you need 4 of the top 10 hammers going into WW. Git gud.

    Dogger: One day Bruce will let us dual again <3

    Nimrods: Still trash.

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  • well congratulations to Berry

    Looking into to the reports I still thought it wasn't over yet

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