[Anglosphere] Fact and rumours Anglo X - Round 2

  • Dogger: One day Bruce will let us dual again <3

    With having you added to the Mangosteen team would have made a wicked account, but then Durian would become irrelevant and everyone would wonder "what happened to that Bruce guy?";) Well done on carrying him!!!

    You have two ears but just one mouth, listen at least twice as much as you talk.

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  • you are right next round
    same quad
    same spy

    just make sure you arent with spy again

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  • Only a 2 week gap between servers, in the middle of summer? Has the bank run dry over at travian headquarters or has the server planner just spent a few too many evenings recently in a beer garden.

    Push the start date back another couple weeks at least or this will be the deadest round in a loooong time.

  • Anything before August is crazy. We've already had several players tell us they won't play this soon again. And all of our players are gold buyers so think about that. It's summertime and we all need a break or this will be a worse round than the last USX where we pushed a Natar victory.

  • Bruh I got holiday and wedding for last couple weeks of July, postpone the restart until August!

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  • Agreeing with the last several posts. Summer rounds are already known for being low key rounds. Restarting this quick is insane. Please consider pushing this back until at least early August. We need a break. Speed rounds are very time intensive and we need a cool down period or we will have players burn out super quick.

  • Congrats on the Anglo 3x round 3 win Natars.

    Well done TG.

    Manberries/Toy Story/The Black Pearl/LeatherFace/Mangosteen/Creeper/Kanye West

  • WTH server just got over how can it a July restart be being announced? Looks like I get to retire from Anglo server, I'll be spending the summer outside with family.. Cheers

    You have two ears but just one mouth, listen at least twice as much as you talk.

    In game: Dogger, Snozzberries, Darth Woody, Mangosteen

  • Sounds like pretty strong response to delaying restart. Doesn't appear to be just IDTS!/UGR either, I see plenty of SOG/Berry on here asking for the same. I don't see a delay favoring one team more than the other. If we can get representatives from other key teams (TK/Nimrod/The mighty hegemony) to chime in i can't see how TG would be against it.

    3 Week delay puts August 2 as start date. Feels reasonable to me.

    nut (batman)

  • The Falcons do not agree with the date of this next Anglosphere X. Despicable timing. This round will have fewer players for us to demolish with such a date. Please push the round back to August.

  • Hi I agree with the above stated. PUSH the round back to august.



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