[Anglosphere] Fact and rumours Anglo X - Round 2

  • I would go nuts within 3 days if I were in the Hegemony chat, was bad enough to read the IDTS discord last round....Nacho, you talk too much.

    That would be a walk in the park, so no fun... Cause the thing is, IDTS/UGR do have a good amount of decent players, but their leaders are really really bad at leading.

    Im sure that those players would be able to achieve a whole lot more under a good leadership like Berry.

    Ouch I feel that roast all the way over here. Pretty funny how inflated your chest becomes when SOG hands you a win.

  • Wait, @Wolkenengel you are saying that the lovely Duvessa is salty? You obviously don't know her. She is charming and very intelligent and will smack you backwards using her Southern charms and using plenty of "well bless your heart." And you won't realize she has insulted you.

    Watch out for these in her posts -

    1. His elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, if you know what I mean, but we just love him to death.
    2. He's a little rough around the edges, but he's got the best personality.
    3. I just love how you don't care what people think.
    4. Thank you for sharing.
    5. Honey, it's not your fault. You just didn't know any better.
    6. You march to your own drummer, don’t you sweetheart? Good for you. Good for you

    You should be very very afraid if she uses any of these in her posts.

    Be wary of her.

  • Sommefuglen  Stellamini When we voted for the beginning of August, we didn’t literally mean on the 1st, but oh well...Better than tomorrow :rolleyes:


    I know you did not literally mean on August 1st, but this was the best we could do for the community.

    The person who takes care of the server starts has a lot of different things to consider when planning. It is not as easy as I thought to just choose another date.

    I hope to see you all on the next round!

    Kind regards,


  • Nah I'm not gonna play the next AngloX, thank you for asking me, Wolkenengel personally though.

  • Nacho, you talk too much.

    Yes Lemon, I do. It's interesting how see someone suffering changes a person. I did talk a lot. Because they helped me get through it. You could have made fun of wonka, batman, literally ANYBODY else. But no. You pick on the guy dealing with serious real life issues cause you think it's funny he talks to much. Real mature.

    And don't give me that "Oh I didn't know" excuse. You did. I personally messaged you thanking you for leaving me alone during the pressing times so I could experience the end of the server. Your response then? "You talk too much." Jesus man, it's a game. Play it, rather than the forums. Can't believe I even had to do this. It's sickening.

    Way to absolutely ruin my day man. I'm sure you'll just laugh it off though. "Ha, got 'em" Right lemon? Yea, I bet you will.

    I never come on the forums, because I know it can get heated and someone will say something they don't mean. But someone sent me what you said, and I just had to respond. Like i'm not trying to be mean man, i'm really not. If it comes across as such, I apologize. Just please man, don't bring me into this. I'm going through enough. You can poke and jab at the others on the forums who mess with you. Little friendly rivalry, that's fine. But please don't get personal with it. You might not know what the other person is going through. In my case you did, and still decided to joke about it. That worries me man. Please don't let your pride ruin your judgement.

    Others told me not to bother, that you're just trolling to get under my skin. And normally I'd leave it alone, but I feel perhaps you should reflect upon this. I mean the best for you, I really do. I guide others to being a better person, and I'm hoping I can do the same with you. If not, that's no problem, I doubt i'll come back to the forums anyway.

    There I go again, talking too much. Sorry Lemon, hopefully you understand where i'm coming from man. I wish you the best my friend. I'll be the better man and drop it after this, hopefully you can do the same. You can mess with the others in your friendly rivalry way, but just pretend I don't exist :). Have a good one.

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  • BeaconOfHope Any of you lot going to play next AngloX?

    well depends if duals are ready which they aren't as they are busy on com1.

    Will u dual with me? 8o

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