[Anglosphere] Fact and rumours Anglo X - Round 2

  • I've really been busy lately and out of loop with Travian related things, so could someone link me where I could read what changes are being implemented in this upcoming AngloX? Like the anti spiking changes etc.?

  • Who here is excited for another server of Bruce hiding behind his alliance of multi accounts and backstabbing smaller alliances into doing what he wants as he spends the most gold on the server just to sim?
    Cause I sure am!

  • lembot if youre so much better why do you gotta resort to confeds to borrow a trainer then end the confed and steal it.

    Because your hammers are so bad they cant clear the average anvil?

  • But yes, we will happily backstab people to get an advantage, nothing new about that.

    Yeah tell them lemon. You don't Get Legend status by not being a douche!

    Though the rest of the normal people who just don't really care about d-bag, I mean "legend" status.. This may sound a little wrong.

  • in short much more boring this round

    COMQ 14 - Blackhammer ǀǀ FINALS 14 - CallmeMaster

    COMQ 15 - CallMeMaster ǀǀ FINALS 15 - BlackHammer
    COMQ 16 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 16 - Black Hammer
    COMX2 17 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 17/18 - BlackHammer
    DEX2 18 -
    Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS18/19 - Monster Machine
    Monster Machine :evil:
    HMB© :evil: COT ™

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  • You really love to talk about my Legend title don’t ya? :D

    Not really sure why you are so obsessed with it, jealous that TG picked me? :/

    Isn't that why you displayed it? So others would notice? You don't get to have both there cupcake.. You don't get to display it on a siggy for people to notice, then troll them for noticing.

  • <3 pwf.

    She's not wrong, y'all.

    I don't even know what legend status is.
    Does it involve paying lots of gold?

    Oh, snap. Shots fired!

  • I got the title because TG thought that I was one of the most passionate and respected players when they chose who they wanted to invite back in 2018.

    So what happened man? I mean respected in 2018 by an entire TG community, but laughed at and disrespected by your own crew in 2019.

  • You already used that one when AngloX was going, running out already? :sleeping:

    At least it’s not our players who are quitting to join the opposing side, cause their leader literally went missing from ally chats, cause he couldn’t handle getting smacked :D

    It wasn’t actually the community who decided last year, it was just TG.

    lmao I expected a way better comeback than that, now stop disappointing. Have fun bringing in strays, let me know how that works for ya ;)