[Anglosphere] Anglo X

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    We are happy to announce that Anglosphere X round 2 will be restarted on April 2, 2019.

    UK Start-time: 12:00 pm GMT+0. (UK)

    US Start-time: 07:00 am GMT-5 (US)

    AU Start-time: 10:00 pm GMT+11 (AU)

    Pre-registration: There is no pre-registration

    Registration: https://tx3.anglosphere.travian.com/

    Version: T 4.4

    Speed: x3

    Name: tx3

    New map-size: 401 x 401 attention.png

    This is the fact and rumours-thread, but you don't have to write "Rumours says" in all posts...

    Use the thread to share any big and small happenings on Anglo X.

    The best of luck to everybody!

    You can find the discussion-thread here: [Anglosphere] Anglo X