Why delete inactive villages??

  • So ive been away for nearly a decade (like everyone else i seem to speak to) , i apologise if ive missed the mark on something here and im sorry if im re asking a constantly asked question, but i did give a quick look and didnt see what i wanted to know.

    I like every other player here, remembers the glory days, my first server on com2 back in the day had 28'000 registered at its peak i believe, and clearly numbers are a huge problem now and thats ok!

    But why do travian delete inactives?? why? why not let them just sit there, let active players raid them constantly throughout the game? maybe im missing a glaring stupidly obvious answer here but i dont see it. It would allow players to raid big and grow bigger armys like back in the day (i know people can still grow big armys) is it feared that the big players would get too big and the small would fall further behind? But personally on my current server my like 30 square radius is just barron.

    Now all the banned players are a different thing (everyone around me is banned) i dunno what the solution there is.

    I realise the natars taking villages was partly helpful in preserving villages, but why not let accounts that are deleted via inactivity be COMPLETELY absorbed by the natars rather than just one village?

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  • As a programmer i understand their reasons. When you have mass players each player requires great usage of database memory. Deleting inactive members reduces the database usage and makes game work faster and better :)
    I believe its more relevant to old travian when there were too many players. Right now there are many servers with barely no players so they remove them slowly rather than faste

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  • Well surely the game is a king compared to what it was then (considering the severs are 30% of what they used to be at best) so why not let it run slightly slower if that is how it works with the the extra inactive accounts, as it wont be as slow as it once was based on how many used to play if its simply a numbers game.

    I think that would be a poor justification if that was in fact Travians reason

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  • It is the same in all WW servers towards the end i think. Unless you count the new PTP or Codex Victoria where we saw multiple alliance and atleast 200-300 active players even at the end.

    Guess the old game has become boring for many and the newer versions are more attractive.

  • just delete resources where players can get some good advantage cause this kind of playing style isn't too profitable.

    they prefer people to buy hero items and expend ridiculous amount of gold in auctions


  • majority are bot or multi accounts

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