Looking for funny and active duals (also for future servers)

  • Hi everyone!

    Our team is looking for dualers.

    Right now we're playing the s1.nordics, the account is roman and the server just started 2 days ago.

    If you don't enjoy this server or wanna play any other domain, here i am. We'll move to another server, real teams decide together what server to play.

    Yet what we ask is not debatable, here it is:

    1) A real dual follow the notes. We always discussed the notes together, sometimes even for hours on deciding in what villa we had to start creating troops. Everyone is free to say what he thinks is the best chooice for the account and we decide together the notes.

    But once it's time to act, everyone follows the notes.

    2) A real dual is reasonable and open to dialogue. Infinite times we fighted, yet we're still there, kinda best friends behind a monitor. There will be many times where someone doesn't agree with someone else, yet nobody ever disrespected anyone, that's why we're still friends.

    3) A real dual is present on the times he says he can cover. If a mate says he'll be there from 4pm to 7pm, then nobody bothers him and nobody checkes the account because we all know that those hours will be covered. Do you cover only 1 hour a day? It's ok, no problem. But not being there once someone gave his word is not accepted (setbacks apart).

    Here some point that would be appreciated:

    - Being able to load golds. That would give a lot of help

    - Being able to cover +1 GTM night, this means 7pm - 1am New York time

    Right now i got many trustable dualers, yet many of them stopped playing or are playing other servers

    Feel free to contact me here (i'll gave my whatsapp number), or on discord Sam - Trickster#7108