Legends by the Fire: All it takes is a winner

  • Welcome to this week's Legends by the Fire thread. Once a week, the Nordics player community will get a new topic to discuss by the fire.

    There are many ways to reach the top, as a solo player and as part of a team. There can be personal achievements you feel especially proud of! If you were to decide, how would you crown the true winner of the round? Or should there be new ways to win, even new game mechanics?

    Have fun with the topic and enjoy a winner weekend!

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  • Teamwise: well the obvious way to win would be most vic points at the end or first ww to 100.
    as that is the goal of the game.

    as a personal player there could be some changes.
    there is already some top lists in play but what do they rly mean.
    deff list is ofc most troops taken out. and it makes sence to measure a players deff performance on that point.
    but what about amount of times a player splittet a wave? those precise second deff placements are what in my world make a deff player good.
    the amount of responses and the times defended. the amount of deff troops produces would have some saying in it too but that also depends alot on wich crop u get.
    so its hard to determinate what a true "deff winner" is. most deff points = good respons guess thats the major thing.

    the pop list. gauls got an obvious advantage here due to the trapper and the pop it gives so if u rly want to be at the top and u know how to accumulate culture points thats no challenge that can be outdone by any other race.

    the off list.
    ive been wondering since travian made the changes to how deff works and who gets the deff points why u havent made changes to off also.
    i mean ofc alot of troops killed gets u on the off list. but those troops can be animals in oases. seen before a player went for natarians and nature and ended at number 1.
    but what have amount of troops killed to do with being a good off player? if u get walled every time and kill alot of troops u do 0 structure dmg.
    a true off winner would be for me a player who have destroyed/cataed the most in structure value.
    guess that feature would be somewhat easy to impliment as all the structure values already are in the game :)

    other individual performances that determinates a winner in my book would also be someone who is ready to offer himself for the sake of the alliance in order to win.
    might be walking infront on a main thats crucial for control.
    maybe some cheeky sneaky chiefs.
    sniping out enemy troops standing in oases or wherever they could be hidden.
    a deff player that also builds off to participate in fakes or smaller ops.
    a off player that also builds deff to help out with breaking waves.

    and as many might have experienced. online time and staying active thru out a whole server is something that is first priori to determinate a true winner in my book. someone who stood there and helped from start till end.

    thats at least some thought of what a winner is in my book :D

  • You could divide the off points to damage to troops and damage to infrastructure. You could calculate infradamage based on reduction of culture points, res lost on buildings and population ”removed”.

    Make a nice formula so that every category gives roughly same values and then just sum them up.

  • no matter what u hit the res cost is still what u take away from the enemy. dosent matter if its a WW village or a normal village.
    u cant just shoot out "its not relevant" withoyt saying what is then xD
    ofc the res cost is relevant. travian is all about time and res. res taken away equals time taken away cause it needs to be rebuilt with res that takes time to accumulate.

  • yes resources taken means wastage of time unless ur alliance readily gives u a huge res push.

    U save on time then.

    I am honestly speaking I m happy with whatever travian brings in

    Its really a stress buster except for some times when it gets me overstressed