bug when I hit to build 25% faster (sometimes)

  • Hello,

    • Sometimes, when I hit to build 25% faster and see an add for that, it builds 2 consecutive levels of that building/field. The resources are consumed correctly from what I've seen.
    • Also, sometimes, after watching the add, the building/field is not taken. The resources are not taken, so this is only annoying, not damaging.

    All these are happening in ts20.travian.ro (Path to Pandora x2). Maybe they are happening on other servers as well.

    I will also write to the MH from that server.

    half of what justme meant on the first s2 ...

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  • This issue is concurring in many servers (and other Travian Games releases tooo).The first point has never happened to me though.
    As for the second, watching adds work maybe 1 out of 10 times at best and it's certainly annoying, specially when you're using mobile data.
    In low level building it's not even worth it because you spend more time watching 10 adds than the time it takes to build up with no time reduction...

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  • I've had both issues happen to me, especially the first one is really annoying because most of the times I don't want 2 levels. So now I always make sure I only use the 25% when I don't have enough res for 2 things to queue or there's already 1 thing building.

  • could stupid tg fix this already? this has been an issue from the day this feature was implemented. maybe i need to be polite but you are stealing our time and nothing in the game irritates me more.