25% ad with travian plus double queue issue

  • Hello, I've noticed since the update the other day, in my new city particularly, that utilizing the 25% faster build speed ad with travian plus sometimes causes the field/building to queue itself twice. This only happens when I have an empty queue, but is quite annoying when I only intend to level my main building once, and end up doing it twice. This makes things difficult as I now have to wait for both upgrades, sometimes several hours long, to finish before queueing what I wanted to queue after the one upgrade. Unless it's safe to cancel the second queued building without resource loss? Never tried it.

    Just wanted to let this be known as I suspect it wasn't intended.

    Regards, Nacho.

  • I can't offer any help with the bug, but canceling an upgrade that has already been queued does cost you resources. I believe the way it works is that when you cancel an upgrade (say, Main Building level 15) you get back only the resources needed to upgrade the previous level (in this case, the cost of Main Building 14). The exception is the first level of any building, which refunds the full cost of 'building x' level 1.