Travian: Legends Changelog

  • Release Polarbear 902


    TL-8802 - It is no longer possible to add more than 100 targets to a farmlist. Existing farmlist with more than 100 targets will only send attacks to the first 100 targets.

    TL-8826 - Fixed "Building:" text not visible in the construction queue on the resource fields page

    TL-7916 - Completing bonus gold task changes its state automatically

    TL-8562 - Fixed contextual help message positioning in barracks

    TL-8847 - Hero attributes section is not collapsed by default anymore

    TL-8759 - Combat strength shown in reports can now handle bigger numbers

    Annual Special bugfixes:

    TL-8779 - The VP per day are now showing the correct numbers, in the alliance profile page. This time the bug should be really gone.

    This will be implemented on all Nordics game worlds on November 11, 2020 at 11:03 UTC+1

    Expected downtime is less than 5 minutes.

  • Patch 902.5 Polarbear


    TL-8915 - After bidding on an auction on a page different than page 1, the game was forwarding to the page 1. It was fixed.

    TL-8891 - Finished auctions no longer refuse to be deleted from the list.

    TL-8882 - Clicking on the envelope icon next to the report title in the reports list will correctly toggle the report's read/unread status. By the way, it also works with in-game messages.

    This will be implemented on all Nordics servers on 23.11.2020 at 11:03 GMT+1

    Expected downtime is ~5 minutes.

  • Release 936.1 Polarbear


    TL-8773 – When an alliance member is warned or punished for violating the game rules, the alliance leader will be notified about it with an IGM

    TL-8795 - Settlers travelling to create a new village will turn around and go home immediately when their target spot is taken


    TL-8893 - Fixed IE11 issue where video confirmation box text would overlap 'dont show again' checkbox

    TL-8923 - Fixed incorrect alliance bonus values displayed in level up animations

    TL-8919 - Removed unearned daily quest progress at the start of the game

    TL-8964 - Fixed unnecessary error pop-up when deleting farm list by double clicking confirmation button

    TL-8904 - Fixed issue where notes would always open in edit mode

    TL-8911 - Fixed empty error message when attempting to start a farm list that would cause going over the limit of 10000 outgoing troop movements.

    TL-8318 - Fixed daily quest raid progress sometimes displaying more completed tasks than possible

    TL-8913 - Fixed Travian Answers "i" info button links for buildings in English language.

    TL-8949 - Disabling the option "Don't display images in reports" was not working. It was fixed.

    TL-8950 - Fixed an error when using the Combat Simulator after scouting an occupied oasis.

    TL-8817 - Contextual help for the hero adventures is fixed.

    TL-8914 - When you mouse over unit icon in the incoming troops part of Rally Point, it displays estimated total travel time of unit of such type from the target location to your village, without any modifiers. This estimation was slightly incorrect and it was fixed.

    TL-8902 - Tooltip on artwork and bucket correctly displays day and time of when the item will be available to use again.

    TL-8776 - Fixed sorting farm lists by bounty

    This will be implemented on all Nordics game world on 17.12.2020 at 11:03 GMT+1

    Expected downtime is ~15 minutes

  • Release 936.6 Polarbear


    TL-9084 - Fixed new tasks not working for Bosnian and Serbian languages

    TL-9024 - Fixed issue where Master Builder planned builds did not start during vacation mode

    This will be implemented on all Nordics game worlds on 12.01.2021 at 11:03 UTC+1

    Expected down time is ~2 minutes