Easter Truce 2019

  • Oi, someone catch the thieving Easter bunny...


    Starts on Thursday the 18th of April, at 18:00 GMT+2.

    Ends on Monday the 22nd of April, at 12:00 GMT+2.

    The truce will be set on all Nordics servers (1,4,6,7,20) except for Nordics X.

    The last FI and NO servers will not have a truce either.

    During Truce:

    • Natars will attack if you settle on grey area, so be prepared to defend.
    • You can keep scouting as usual
    • Hero can be sent for adventures like always
    • Can't attack to other players. Attacks will be turned into greetings.
    • Can't attack to Natars.
    • Can't attack on on oases.
    • Can't catch animals, not even the Easter bunny.
    • Troops will not need food and do not starve

    After Truce:

    • Troops will not need food for 24 hours. Once your troops need food, be sure they have enough food ready in their village!
    • We suggest you don't try to time attacks to land too close to the truce beginning or end, in case there is a slight delay lifting the truce.

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    Have a very nice and lovely Easter everyone!

    Your Travian: Legends team

    P.S. The Nordics team is also enjoying the Easter, so answers may take longer than usual when you contact support or have questions here on forum. Tickets will still be answered withing 24 hours, that we can promise you.

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