What's in your name?

  • Jeez, 13 years. That's just mindblowing. Tell us, is it still interesting to play Travian for such a long period of time?

  • Most of the people you encounter on the forums have played 7-10 years or longer. You either love it or leave it. :)

  • I remember a thead in the tarvern section where you had to try to type "travian" with your elbow.



    Update not using my elbow: I may have accidentally reported you before I managed to hit the quote button with my elbow.

  • My name comes from Saxon leader who opposed Franks king Charles the Great and although the first fights were won and total war was lost...

    The name is symbol for Saxon independancy afterwards....

    The name is also translated as "Child of the Forrest"....

    I have it for about 12 years I think on forums now?

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