What's in your name?

  • Jeez, 13 years. That's just mindblowing. Tell us, is it still interesting to play Travian for such a long period of time?

  • Most of the people you encounter on the forums have played 7-10 years or longer. You either love it or leave it. :)

  • Looks like he smashed his head into the keyboard and went with that as his name.

    Yeah, same for my name too to be honest.

    Noel, 8:13 PM

    She breaks my heart, I break their armies

  • ytravi<zamn


    Update not using my elbow: I may have accidentally reported you before I managed to hit the quote button with my elbow.

    um, explains a few things but I still thinking you need to cut down on the berry martinis

  • My name comes from Saxon leader who opposed Franks king Charles the Great and although the first fights were won and total war was lost...

    The name is symbol for Saxon independancy afterwards....

    The name is also translated as "Child of the Forrest"....

    I have it for about 12 years I think on forums now?

    I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed . . .


    Dirty! (nl1/de1), Violence (nl4), Avoid (nl7), Bazen (nl4), MUG (nl2, nl5, nl4), Cocktail (nl6), Prandur/Camorra (nl2), Vandalen (nl5), Borgia (nl2) and many more not listed.

    Valhalla, Carpe Diem (t3 .com classics), CS! 2017 finals (Croatia)

    CUP 2018 finals, X3 2019 finals (Russia)

    ~ The special one... ~

  • So basically I'm a Willow tree, whenever I play on a server I sprout roots next to some lovely lake oasis and that's that.

    Also it may be a short version of my surname, but I think being a tree is actually a cooler story.

  • Most folks seem to think my nickname is derived from MS Office. Couldn't be further from the truth. When I was about 2, my first sentence was "not deer, moose". My favorite TV show was Captain Kangaroo. And my favorite part of that was the cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle. In one of their shorts, Bullwinkle climbs a mountain and shouts "Excelsior", imitating the more usual shout of "Eureka". When Rocky asked why he shouted that silly word, the reply was that it was an advertising stunt. For excelsior, which is a type of packing material made in sawmills. I shortened that to Excel. (Bullwinkle is a moose. Rocky is a flying squirrel)

  • Well, my name was chosen from (in my opinion) best action drama movey ever: "Saving private Ryan"

    Actually, in the moment of choseing the name it was either that or "Mechanism" so I decided to go with Pvt.Ryan...

    At least it sounds better 😜

  • Hi,The name is Huynh

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself in this forum. I've been a fan of video games since I was a kid.

    I have owned all kinds of consoles, from the Master System II, Game Boy, Megadrive to my current PlayStation 3.

    My dream is to develop a video game, I especially like games that build cities, civilizations or theme parks.

    I hope to read and learn a lot in this forum :D

  • used alot of diffrent nick names for diffrent games. Then one day I was making a new Character for LOTR online and was trying to figure out a new character name. decided on a name that combined "add" and the past tense fro wrath, "wroth". Used it ever since

    I wish I had a copy of an old thread from the old Travian forums called: Diary of a M.O.R.O.N written by Marmotman. Best. Travian. Story. Ever.

    Adroth Com3 May 5th 2020 -December 19th 2020 #84 Pop #157 Attacker #42 Defender #92 hero (lv 104) #18 anvil on the server at the end