[Anglosphere] Fact and Rumours Ts1 - Round 1

  • Lol, hopefully by the time we all splat/delete/retire we do enough damage that whatever team TP betrays stands a chance.

    Maybe RD will stop doing dumb stuff and realize they are likely the first choice for that.

  • Hey, at this point I'll say anything to make this server actually interesting. As it stands it's a complete joke with the victor all but having their WW to 100. The best we can hope for is to try and make sure it's an RD or G.O.D WW that hits 100 first.

    We will obviously be opting out of actually building a WW. We will only hold one for the purpose of watching some idiot waste an EGH on it.

  • Oh cmon.

    Are we gonna have to do this again?

    You joined as a full on premade, then merged with another full premade before Artes.

    You made your bed now lie in it. You seem to be doing well enough to me. So save us the ‘poor little us’ act and play.

  • You guys are hitting us with kid gloves not even managing a full operation.... There are three quads of hammers that are just toying around.

    You guys aren't even actually trying against us because you know you don't have to. Frankly you should all be embarrassed.

  • I know quiet a few of you as do several of our players. We know you all aren't even trying.

    You're either saying we're too good at this game, or you're too easy, so we're toying with you..?

    s1 : Storeythor http://travian-reports.net/us/report/2674061c50d

    Gotta be talented to look after 2 WW's simultaneously. Or crazy... Crazy seems more like it.

    The more I read of OdinLoki's posts, the more I want to play alongside him. Not for the results, as frequently good as they are, but for the sheer fun he seems to have at it. Would + rep if I could, man. Always enjoy reading your stuff... and mostly cringe at the results contained in 'em. :crying:

    Storeythor,most offensive/defensive account holder on the server.

    He's a nut and the more the odds are stacked against him, the better he seems to come out of it.

  • you're either saying we're too good at this game, or you're too easy, so we're toying with you..?

    Why can't it be both? TP specifically by itself is better than about 65% of the D&D Meta You bring G.O.D into the mix and it's about an even match honestly though in reality you all have far more hammer players after our wave of deletes from the 3 quad meta announcement (surprise surprise when people see that they delete) You'll see a couple more of us deleting over the next couple weeks...... Many of us have had our foot out the door since the announcement of the 3 quad meta and are just waiting for our hammers to splat or for our defenses to kill some troops on the way out. This isn't whining or crying, (the people that just plain quit the day that happened are the big crybabies) it's just the reality of a one sided server. We will all happily see you all on other servers and play with or against you in good spirits but three quads Vs. one isn't exactly anyone's idea of 'fun' and playing this game should be fun.

    TP and G.O.D are slightly better than us on just basic face value and have not been acting like it at all. You factor in the actual experience and coordination most of us know you all posses (Because again.... a lot of us have played alongside you all over the last decade) and you guys blow us out of the water. If you actually put your all into hitting us we probably wouldn't last past day 150. You include RD/NACOICAT doing... well whatever it is they are doing.... they'll eventually get a win somewhere. We are outgunned. outmatched and outnumbered.

    Again. RD/NACOICAT are absolute trash so I try to avoid even referencing them because they are like 10 good players with a whole mess of farms and it just plain feels embarrassing catapulting them. We already allied one farm team.... which is why we didn't accept NACOICAT offer and I believe RD actually made an offer at some point with us too though I don't personally remember it.

    NACOICAT was like a needy girlfriend without a place to stay asking to move in.

    We are just hoping the idiots on this server realize that once we are gone that you aren't just gonna sit in your three quad meta hug... you'll likely all split up and go after each other for some fun and our goal is to make sure that the winner of that shindig isn't TP.


    I'd like the say that anyone of us who is sticking this server out to the end I am proudly going to defend them all with my anvil and plan offensive operations for them as much as I can but we aren't expecting a win here anymore. You allied three quads to knock us down then fight among yourselves after that dust settles. We will stick to our mantra of hitting TP with everything that we have and if anyone else wants to attack us we will happily kill your hammers on our walls as well.

    Our fight is with TP and that's just how we are gonna look at it. If you all don't think TP can't handle their fight themselves feel free to help them out at your own detriment ;)

  • Those reports are nothing to be proud of, 2 out of six hammers bitten the dust, that's a failure.

    Considering you guys can pull defense from 3 quads and only have to deal with fakes from one, I think getting through clean on anything is an achievement. Come back and talk to me when RD runs a successful op without TP and GOD doing the heavy lifting for you.

    Spiking must be really fun for the ones who can't win. Sadly I don't have the chance to try that wonderful tactic :(

    You spelled hugging wrong, and y'all definitely tried that wonderful tactic. But if you guys really think it takes 3 quads to be competitive I'll just accept the complement. :)

    Hope y'all are making plans for the endgame so TP doesn't smoke you too hard when they realize we're not taking the WW race seriously.