New report filter for raids

  • It would be a huge QOL improvement if we could filter out no-loss micro raids from reports, something like in the screenshot:


    There's obviously already the yellow and red sword filters in the 'offensive' reports tab, but it's a lot nicer to be able to click on reports and get a solid overview of important reports in one tab. After a certain number of farms it's simply not worth the time deleting the green sword reports for that small advantage.

    Best case scenario would be a 'custom' filter where the amount of units for the report to be filtered could be determined/changed by the account owner.

  • Self-bump

    Shouldn't be hard to implement since the feature already exists in alliance reports ("No reports under 100 units and 0 losses" button). Reports are a pretty big cause of frustration to players, this would be a nice fix. Other options would be to split attack/raid reports or have a similar filter option whereby the player wouldn't recieve reports from farm list raids if no losses are incurred.

    At the mo you even have to trawl through 10s or 100s of pages of reports to find the reports of your cata waves if they were successful and allies helped/you sent more than four