Active Dual Team Looking for European Dual for Anglo1 (Starts May 6)

  • We are an active team of duals located in the United States. The three of us have varied schedules; however, we are not able to cover the latest night hours in the American time zones. We plan to raid and spend lots of gold -- you do not need to buy any gold if you can keep up with raiding for your time zone. The three of us have been #1 robber several times before, and we intend to do it again on this new server.

    We would prefer a dual located in Europe(although the Middle East or Russia would certainly work as well). You do not have to speak great English, but we do need to communicate well. If you're interested, please send me a private message and we can speak about our plans in greater detail. We will take more than 1 dual on if we can find some like-minded players of good quality. The server starts May 6, and we will be searching for duals until May 11. Join us for a fun run!

    P.S. We are always looking to take new players under our wing. If you're willing to learn, we will teach you what we know. Experience does not matter -- only effort matters.