Week 1 Analysis

  • It has been a week since the server has started and there have been a lot of developments across all sectors. In order to compile all the happenings for the past week, I have made this analysis. Please note that this thread is made with my limited knowledge of the server and any additional details or clarifications from anyone is widely accepted. Criticisms are also welcomed, but as this is a proper forum, let us maintain proper netiquette.

    Let us look at the key players of each quadrant:


    Initially a cauldron of many small alliances, Northeast is now primarily dominated by a meta,TRY and all of its wings. However, while TRY has the most players in the region, smaller alliances still exist with some of them capable of trading blows with the giant meta.

    TRY Meta


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    TRY 36 220 - 3
    TRY-camp 20 169 - -
    IR_Chet 37 175 1 2
    TOTAL 93 188

    Led by the TRY META they seem to have the most confederacies and NAPs this seems they want to sim up and don't like a battle.

    They are also settling in the 100/100 far away from the battlefield.

    Also i have seem a lot of shifts in leadership telling me this is not a stable Alliance and will probably fall when the first battles will start.

    They do have a decent amount of croppers and also the first cropper in the server and they have a few decent members.

    Only time will tell how they will be handling the north east.



    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    island of burk 39 168 9 -

    They also seem to have a NAP with all the TRY META slaves. Have 1 cropper 75% atm and as it seems most of the good croppers are gone already we will see what the TG plans will be.

    The profile says they just wanna enjoy the game so don't know what they will be up too.



    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    The Gentlemans Club 24 225 3 6

    Seems to be the underdog because they are small. But the figures show otherwise, with high in the offensive rank it looks they are attacking a lot in in the region. They have 6 croppers so far all in the Grey zone, this seems to be there place to be.

    Also it seems they have a lot of good players we will just see how they will hold against the whole north east because it seems like this is the only Alliance willing to battle the other alliances in the region.

    But just as the rest we will see what happen.



    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    184 - -

    With a great start as 2th in attacker and 3th robber of last week they seem to fall of a little. They are the smallest Alliance in the North East currently holding 1 cropper.

    They also seem to have a few members in the North West so i don't know what there plans will be. I think this Alliance should not be forgotten and might be up to something.


    Not a lot to say about the South East more info below.

    2.01S Meta

    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    2.01 second 34 198 10 5
    28 209 - -
    TOTAL 62 203

    Not much to say, look screen below. Sim city region.



    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    King 51 173 6 -

    Top 1 defender at this time on there profile they say having war with YU.

    They have NAPs with the biggest meta in the Southeast 2.01S so it seems in this region not allot will happen

    This Alliance seems to take Quantity over Quality they have 51 members where non have settled yet.

    South West

    This could be a very fun region with a lot of bigger Alliances.

    PURGE Meta


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    Purge 42 202 - 10
    30 191 - -
    TOTAL 72 196

    When i look at the stats they don't seem to raid a a lot so far so it seems they are simming up ATM.

    No one have settled from them so far.

    IR.Cob Meta


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    IR.COB 42 172 4 9
    IR.COB 2 36 158 - -
    IR.COB 3 24 140 - -
    TOTAL 102 157 - -

    They seem to have the most numbers of players in all the METAS. Seem no one of there 102 members have settled a 2end village. Are there less oasis in the South West?

    I hope they will be battening Purge meta and we could possibly see some fireworks from both.


    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    UTN The Border Lions 44 198 5 4

    No Meta slaves, good farming finally a Alliance in the South West who has a 2end village just 1 atm but still. ;)

    For me this is the best ally ATM in the South East i just don't hope the other metas will work together against UTN.


    North West


    It seems WAR* has BEND the knee for GL, i heard they all had to send a private message to GL leadership asking for forgiveness spawning in there region.

    They have 37 more members then the TRY meta time will tell how they will organise this kinda big meta.

    The Travian masters told me this is a world record and there has never been a META with 130 members at this stage.


    Some inside Intel told me they have a secret weapon, DRAGONS! They want to sit on the Travian throne and will not stop when all ALLIANCE BEND THE KNEE!

    GL slaves META

    Wing Name Number of Players Average Population Offensive Rank Robber Rank
    GL 42 241 5 2
    GL2 36 210 7
    33 218 6
    GL3 19 163 - -
    Total 130 *Error excessive members*


    It is too soon for any action to happen, but we can see that a lot of players in the different meta are already testing the waters, with some already getting a crack at it. Rumors are plentiful in this server, with rivalry already heating up in-game . The server is still in its infancy so we can expect little action in the coming weeks. However, developments are still abound with changes in each quadrant especially regarding the status of those smaller confederacies.

    I have tried to be as objective as possible in this analysis. As this was done with limited knowledge on each alliance, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter. If you have anything to add to the existing literature such as reports, rumors and the likes, feel free to send me a message. I hope you enjoyed this week's analysis

  • Interesting read and thank you for putting some time in this thread.

    Noteworthy is that TGC is the only alliance that has presence in the grey area.

    Looking forward to the upcoming weeks, lets see if we get some action.

  • Seems like WAR and, whats that other Alliance name? GL? have been merging in to 1 big META.

    Will update tomorrow! Stay tuned!!


  • GL?? never hear that alliance team it was GL "going lose" or something well great week 1 analysis forward more! I hope someone can discuss here...


  • I hope you didn't think I was part of that meta so you chose to downplay them just now xD ..was just pointing out how half assed your report was.

  • Hey r3qu3sta, There is too many meta so I don't know what you try talk about a half assed your reported.... I think you better worry your own meta noob crews... winks


  • NAPs and Confeds don't mean anything this early in the game :). Will be interesting to see what happens in the future. TGC, UTN, and GL primarily occupy the Grey Zone - I expect to see some action here.

  • Oh man, I just love it when alliances are forced to spam our members with "you wanna join buddy - we got cookies over here" messages. *hint hint*

  • Looking forward to this week's analysis!

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