Villages in Anglosphere 8

  • Hi

    A bit of a newb question I'm afraid, I played Trav a lot back in the day. Back now after about 12 years so I'm REALLY rusty lol

    When I hover over the village field on the right, I get:

    "villages 1/2

    culture points generated to take control of another village 1539/6000"

    but in my residence it says I currently have 3604 cp and I need 8000 cp for the next village


    Does this mean that I can already start a new village?


  • You can settle a new village once you have reached 2000 culture points. You can then settle another village when you reach 8000 culture points. The numbers you see when you hover over the village show you how many culture points you need to get to that 8000 mark. It says 6000 because that's the difference in culture points between them.