COM4, Gaul account looking for dual.

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  • Hey there,

    I am looking for another dual to play together with on my Gaul account on the Com4. Experience and activity is required. You don't have to be a veteran but you need to be experienced, I am taking players that are willing to learn more about the game that already do have some experience but still need and are willing to learn more about Travian.

    My timezone is GMT+1, I am active during the whole day as I work as a developer and mainly sit behind the computer. So I do quite have some time to check on the account and raid.

    I don't care if you have the same timezone honestly but a different timezone will most definitely be better. I am mainly looking for someone to be active during my early morning or night times. But once again any different activity will ofcourse work.

    ~Server is pretty new.

    ~The account has a well developed 15Cropper, top 15 resources per day.

    ~Cropper is not settled in the middle of nowhere and has a farming area.

    ~Cropper is settled close to probable unique artifact spawn

    ~The account is actively raiding.

    ~I am an active and experienced player myself.

    ~I use gold and expect you to also be willing to invest gold in the account.

    I have more information on the account but I rather speak about such in a personal conversation.

    Send me a personal message or leave your discord here and we'll speak to eachother soon.