Nordic languages finding their place

  • luckily english is a fun language, and 'you' can mean group of people, too.

    and by this i meant your ally. however this is irrelevant part.

    I can see you are right now, my mistake making that joke then :thumbup:

    I admit that my point in my original message remained partly unclear. i dont say that there is no toxic people in community, i just say that it is not always toxicity.

    No you're right its not always toxicity, and lets try to keep it that way :thumbsup:


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  • Yea I am done arguing why the end speech part wasnt in English and instead it was in Finnish because that doesnt seem to lead anywhere. Point was that we didint know if you had any interest in that so we made it in Finnish. But I gladly type mine in English in the future now that I know other ppl are interested reading that type of content, if I will continue playing this game. (not playing on summer server). And I kinda understand why you are saying that Finnish people are toxic in this community, but I think its more about the fact that we are way more honest than people from other countries. What I have played with non Finnish players a lot of them get offended if someone points out their mistakes. And we have really straight forward way of doing it. It doesnt mean that we hate you as a person it means that we make sure you should do better in the future. The toxic part comes out when you dont take advice from other players, and on public discord server we will tell our honest opinion about enemy teams as well. I have never played on Finnish alliance that was toxic or hateful. Worst teams that I have played (community wise) is mixed alliances. Like Finnish leaders have to come to talk to us before the server that we cant talk the way we talk in Finnish alliances because people get butt hurt? Because we make edgy jokes and we like to laugh about it on discord if someone on alliance f*cks up. And laughing about it isnt toxic or hateful it having fun and making MEMES about it, but in other alliances people take that as an insult? And even if there is no Finnish players involved there is drama anyway? How is that Finnish alliances doesnt have drama but other alliances have? Is it that we are toxic or is it that you guys are too sensitive?

  • This is what I would call a big "slong" competition not a "victory" speech, and dude this post even have 9 likes, 9 of his duals maybe?

    The whole point of victory speech is that the winner of the server creates the thread and everyone on the server can share their experiences. Whether it's about your account, your team, good or bad experiences, it's a thread to reunite as a community which I'm personally a fan of, there haven't been posts like these on the danish forum for years since that domain pretty much died.

    It's a tradition people should join in on, I'm sure some fins would consider writing their posts in english if other people showed interest.

    Toxic community, a big nope. Toxic comments can come from all domains, and it is always individual players responsible for those comments

    The culture is way different on finnish servers compared to and no, to fins it doesn't seem toxic because they are all in on the jokes and have almost the same kind of humour, but to outsiders it certainly looks toxic. Which is hard to balance when you have people from all over scandinavia in a team. However, fi domain is by far the best scandinavian domain, I would almost go as far as saying if the finnish community played vs dk,se and no, they would still win.

    Which is another discussion, I've seen a lot of fins asking why they have been merged into a nordic server when the only thing it has done, is make their server worse in quality compared to when it was fix. After the previous nordic server, I'm kinda leaning towards agreeing, we'll see once the winter servers have been played, thats usually when most good players are playing.

  • Which is another discussion, I've seen a lot of fins asking why they have been merged into a nordic server when the only thing it has done, is make their server worse in quality compared to when it was fix. After the previous nordic server, I'm kinda leaning towards agreeing, we'll see once the winter servers have been played, thats usually when most good players are playing.

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    Thanks for a cool new topic!


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  • Hello! I would like to take part on this and add a different opinion/point of view to this matter.

    First of all, regarding those victory speeches.... It might also be, that everyone just might not be able to write their thought on english. Its not like everyone of us are that experienced with the language.

    I've been playing/leading on nordics 6 from the beginning. It was the 1st normal speed server that started under nordics and tbh it was not what we expected. We knew we had pretty solid group together, so we even started provoking people from the beginning as we saw that there might not be any alliances there that could compete with us. Little by little we got ourselves to a situation we desired, it was pretty much everyone vs. us, even other finnish groups on server. Dont remember anymore what it was like, but at worst something like 120 vs ~300 accounts + the rest that we didnt know where they are standing. But it really didnt bring us much challenge, because of the difference on skill levels. Now its almost d200 and its almost 120 vs 120. Also some of the alliances that we take as enemies arent even focusing on us anymore. It seems that they just dont have the guts to challenge us anymore and they are focusing on smaller alliances...

    Despite all this we managed to form a good atmosphere on the discord server that was ment for players of nordics 6. I believe people are enjoying their time on there, us and also players from other nordic countries. Some might say that the atmoshphere in there is sometimes toxic aswell, but instead of whining I've been starting to sense that there are players from other countries that want to get better, want to learn how to play on higher lvl and compete. People have started to merge in there and I really hope that these national boundaries will be broken in the future.

    This is a chance to get our playerbase higher, but also to destroy it. It takes some work from both sides. We finns cannot just play like we used to if we want this to happen(by this I dont mean that we should play worse than we could). We need to try to be more open minded and integrate and try to find a way to be part of this new community, but its something that others have to do aswell. We need to create new cultur for this new scene that is here to stay.

    Just something I've found out during these 200 days. It wont be easy and I have to agree that the finnish scene and its players are better than others from what I've seen. But it shouldnt be something that precludes the chance that others can learn to be good aswell.

  • Personally I made the speech in finnish, as I didnt have anything to say to "others". I didnt do anything fancy on the server. I just played it onwards, until the server ended. Server was pretty bad, our alliance ended up being pretty bad (personal opinion), and the ww race was also bad. I didnt think anyone would have cared about the speech in english, and the same thinking was almost on any player in Humbug. Caring might be a slightly wrong word, but anyways.

    What comes to new players, I did take a "new" player to my account. Sure he had played normal servers, but not speed servers. Same went for my previous finnish 3x, I also had a new player on that account. Its not about the fact that we dont like new/bad players. Its about the fact that most bad players wont want to become better. They cant take any critic, and even worse, they cant do anything differently after feedback. When I played comx, the whole leader team decluding cummi was trash. Sure, they had no idea what they were doing, but even worse, they didnt want to get better or learn from their mistakes even if i pointed those out for them in clear manner. On the other hand, my "new" dual on the nordics was good, and I said that in victory speech. Credit for those who deserve it, for the others... :)

    Last thing is that it seems non finnish people think they are gods in this game, when in reality they kinda suck. Sure there might be some in finnish scene, but its much more common in foreign scenes. Personally I think im a bit above average, yet i can clearly find bots that think they are godlike and act that way. Arrogant people are annoying, but sure they have some slack if they really are better than you? And maybe you could actually learn from them if you wanted.

  • First of all, I got to mention I really like this conversation.

    And I don't think it would be good idea to make any part of the forum & discord etc to be only English. There are people that can't speak English pretty much at all, and that would lead to people not wanting to be part of the community and stop playing the game. Imo we should let everyone be the way they are, in the end this is "just a game." Also Finnish differs from other languages quite a bit and there is a reason why some people says it is the hardest language to learn and that also makes it harder for Finns to communicate on other languages.

    The victory speech tradition is that the winning alliances leader (or WW-builder) starts a thread and tells the journey to the victory and everyone - including "losers" - tells their point of view from the round and it usually shows that you don't almost ever understand fully what is happening in other alliances and that makes it interesting. Also thanking the players that made server fun and good for you is a big part of it, some people tends to not call by names due to forgetting to mention someone and you really don't want that. Let people write them in English, Finnish, Danish, etc which way they ever like and I think if you want to know what is said in some post you will find someone to translate it roughly to get the point of the post.

    About toxicity, I think that is a part of pretty much anything in the world. There is toxic people in Finnish scene and also in .no .dk .se so it isn't something Finns developed and imo it isn't fair to go call any community straight up toxic. Yes, as a Finn I do believe there is really toxic Finns, and it's pretty sad tbh. Anyhow, usually meta is "controlled" by the best players and I think that can make this community more or less toxic depending on the behavior of the best players which at the moment is mostly Finns. So in other words, imho the next year is a big indicator of how the community's toxicity etc is going to look like and we all can make our part to make it the least toxic as possible, but the Finns at this moment are going to have the biggest influence by being the favorites each server. And yes, I hope we see mixed alliances and them being competitive.

    I might be part of the minority that actually likes the new community. Coming from Finnish scene, I feel like this is a fresh start and I actually feel like the toxicity has dropped a bit and I really hope that trend continues and these kinda topics are good way to do it.

    There's a saying in Finland "kaikista ei tarvi tykätä, mutta kaikkien kanssa pitää tulla toimeen" which roughly translates to "You don't have to like everyone, but you need to get along with them." I feel like that is something everyone should keep in mind and that could destroy some barriers regarding countries. Discord is a really good start and I think everyone should be themselves and have fun with everyone and not think about which country they are. There shouldn't be anything like "He's a Finn, has to be a d*ck" for example and it goes both ways.

    I feel like I meant to say 20 things more, but I can't remember those atm so this shall be enough for now.

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  • Which is another discussion, I've seen a lot of fins asking why they have been merged into a nordic server when the only thing it has done, is make their server worse in quality compared to when it was fix. After the previous nordic server, I'm kinda leaning towards agreeing, we'll see once the winter servers have been played, thats usually when most good players are playing.

    Yeah there is those who think it that way, but there is players who think its good for every country's scene too. For example i've been always on that side that it was a good decision from TG in the long time to merge these countries. And for those who really think the competition will slack because of this merge I can only say that remember how awful almost every speed server has been (because they usually play only speeds).

    There have been wins with every ww, Natar win, Win with half of the alliances hammers consisting from deffs. FFS even wins with nobody dropping a single level of ww. Those are things that shouldn't happen in a competitive good and balanced servers. Do you really think that its a good sign from a competition if you win with deff hammers? Or if your ww doesn't drop even a single level and you win because of that. The good and balanced servers have been a rare sight after fix11 or something like that. Give this merge some time and I'm sure these brave norwegian swedish and danish people find their places in here too.

    I've played this game a long time and I've played on good and tight servers and alliances and some bad ones too. I can say from experience that most of the finnish servers have been complete and utter trash. But there have also been good servers too, but they really are in the minority of the game.