New to this Gaul needs alliance

  • Hello everyone,,

    Playing a little more than a mobdro lucky patcher kodi week, making some blunders and in need of an alliance to join. I don't want to step on any toes or make a game etiquette faux pas.

    If you'd be willing to have me in your ranks, please send me an invitation.

  • Hi, from where you've posted this thread, no one can tell what server you're on.

    The URL you have when you're logged in is an easy way to figure it out.

    "ts#" is the server number you're on (so for example, ts7 = server 7).

    The last part is what domain you're on - you posted this under the anglosphere part of the forum, so I assume that is what domain you play on.

    Each server has its own sub-forum - you can find them here:

    Game Worlds

    However, it's very unlikely that anyone will react to your post there - your best bet is to write to an alliance close to you in game.

    Seeing as you're a new player, you might find this guide I wrote useful - it's not a guide on how to build your account, but a guide to hopefully help you survive as a new player in the game:

    [New players] wishmaster3's Basic Surival Guide

    Best of luck!