Superuser password

  • Currently we have two method to access an account:

    1st, login directly to the account using "real" password, and all the access to the account.

    2nd, login as a sitter where the access is limited and defined by the owner.

    When we have an account and we believe we can't handle it alone, we might find a dual to help manage the account. most of the time, our dual is not our relatives, which is not 100% trusted.

    How about we have two password for our account:

    1st: superuser account, have access to all features for the account.

    2nd: user account, also have access to all in game features, except deleting account, changing password, and email address.

    That way, even if the dual betrayed us (login as user) in the game, he/she can do bad things to our account/ our village, ally village or anything, but he/she can't harm our account by changing password or deleting account.

  • So what you mean is there is third login option which is login as Dual.

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will bring this suggestion to upper level for further assessment.