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After the holiday break, we are opening again the suggestion channel on Public Suggestions Board that gets updated on weekly basis.

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  • Dear players, a while ago we ran a poll globally and promised to share with all of you community survey results.

    Before our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit, we ran a survey in our communities to ask the players whether they would like to see certain features in the regular Travian: Legends game worlds. During the event, we showed and discussed the results of this survey.

    New Tribes in Travian: Legends game worlds


    We did ask the same question last year and we were surprised by the amount of “yes” votes this year!

    Last year, Huns and Egyptian tribes were relatively new. There was a lot of distrust on the balancing. Some said, “Egyptians are too powerful”, some said, “Huns are too powerful”, some said, “Gauls lost their use as defensive tribe” and so on. We already reacted on that feedback and analyzed a lot of data to confirm or refute assumptions and foretelling shared on our Forum. Afterwards, we nerfed the Egyptians and, a tiny bit, the Huns too. We also buffed the Teutons (Brewery level 20). It looks like we did the right changes to convince way more players that the tribes are balanced. Or the fact that players could try out several tribes by now changed their perception.

    During our Legends on Tour 2019 Summit, nearly every participant brought up the topic “Tribe Balancing” to Munich. But it turned out that each community has a different opinion on what to change. We spent a lot of time talking about each single proposal and especially about the effects and the balance shift between the tribes. The more we talked, the fewer changes were considered to be “a good solution”.

    Out of nowhere, a brilliant idea [spoiler alert!] came up:

    “Why not using 5 tribes for this year’s Travian Tournament? Who better than the best players from each country could identify balancing weaknesses?”

    And there we go. This year’s Travian Tournament Qualification Rounds and Finals will be played with 5 tribes. Afterwards, we will talk about needed changes on the balancing of each tribe once more, with the goal to activate them for all new starting game worlds somewhen in 2020.

    Confederacy system in Travian: Legends game worlds


    The Confederacy system was an idea brought up by Legends on Tour 2018 participants. It was developed and released within a few months and playable on Path to Pandora game worlds. One of the advantages of this system is the reduction of spikers – drastically.

    50% of the survey participants want to include this Confederacy system into regular Travian: Legends game worlds. A deeper analysis of the votes showed that players who already played with this system strongly voted in favor of the change (over 80%).

    Since this feature change did not reach the required 75%, we collected the opinions of the Legends on Tour 2019 participants. There was no discussion needed. All voted with “yes”. Therefore, we will implement the system globally, but on new starting game worlds only. All running game worlds will continue without the Confederacy system. When exactly this will happen is not decided yet, but for sure sooner than later. Don’t miss the announcements on our Forum and Social Media channels.

    Conquering system in Travian: Legends game worlds


    There was panic in some eyes of the Legends on Tour 2019 participants when they saw those 65% “yes” votes. It turned out that those players like the new conquering behavior introduced in Path to Pandora. But only there. It spices up the possibilities, but it is also imbalanced. “Yes, it is. As designed. We are fully aware of that.” That was the reply from Game Design.

    To keep a long story short, the Conquering system neither reached the 75% threshold from the survey participants, nor got a “yes” from the community representants. Therefore, we will not change the conquer mechanic on regular Travian: Legends game worlds.

    Troop forwarding and merging in Travian: Legends game worlds


    The troop forwarding & merging feature was introduced several years ago on our birthday/annual special servers. There is no doubt that the huge majority of our players would like to see the troop forwarding feature implemented on all Travian: Legends game worlds. But there is also the awareness that this would shift the balance between offenders and defenders towards the defenders. Troop merging was designed to re-establish that balance.

    Troop merging got nerfed already (rams and catapults cannot be merged). Nevertheless, the theoretical “with hundreds of Euros I can move my complete Hammer instantly” is a threat to a lot of our Legends on Tour participants. The same arguments were shared on several forum threads worldwide.

    We will not implement both features into Travian: Legends regular game worlds. Instead, we will think about ways to nerf troop merging and to remove those fears. Concepts will be shared and discussed with Legends on Tour participants.

    Reverse Tournament Square changes in Travian: Legends game worlds


    After implementing the change announced for every game world starting in 2019 and further, we received a lot of negative feedback from several countries, mostly written on their national forum sections. We followed their discussion and arguments carefully. Receiving so much negative feedback for implementing something we were asked to change by several players was surprising. Therefore, we wanted to hear all our players’ opinion.

    The result is shown above. The Tournament Square changes stay as they are now.

    Game worlds duration


    There is no clear preference. Half the players who voted would like to reduce the server duration, 1/3rd would like to keep the average game world duration of 220-250 days on a regular 1x speed server.

    We also raised this topic on the Legends on Tour 2019 event. Most of the participants had “no preference”, a few said “make it a bit shorter”. And this is exactly what we will take with us. We will work on ways to reduce the server duration “just a bit”. Our current design’s aim is a duration of 190-220 days. We will pitch our ideas with the Legends on Tour participants.

    2x speed as regular speed in Travian: Legends game worlds


    As we will reduce the game world duration a bit anyway and this question did not reach the threshold of 75% “yes” votes, we will not change the speed of regular game worlds.

    Removing Grey Zone


    We get frequent messages from new players who do not understand the ruleset for the grey zone. “Why no culture points?”, “How to defend the attacks?”, just to name the most common ones. We included this question into the survey to see if you, our players, see any value in the grey zone and if you like it or hate it. The result can be seen above.

    We also opened that discussion with our Legends on Tour 2019 participants. We found out very quickly that the representatives would like to keep the grey zone but make it different. We pitched some ideas and agreed on changes. More will be published later this year.

    We will keep the “Grey Zone” for now, but we will change certain aspects of it.

    Changing Wonder of the Worlds spawn


    Even if the vote did not reach the required 75% “yes” threshold, this change got the second lowest “no” votes. Almost 1/3rd had no preference and would therefore be fine with either or. This idea was brought up on the Legends on Tour 2018 event by one participant, but there was no time to discuss it.

    Guess what? Exactly! We asked the Legends on Tour 2019 participants’ opinion. It turned out that they strongly recommend a change of the pre-set Wonder of the World approach. The group and the Travian: Legends Game Design team agreed on some basic changes, which also involve the grey zone. More details will be revealed later this year, as we still need to clarify some points.

    In general, such a change in game mechanics will not be introduced on already running game worlds. We are also considering to have some test rounds and collect furthermore feedback afterward but, and this is already agreed on, we will change the Wonder of the World spawning behaviour. It is very unlikely that this will happen in 2019 already.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.