Hero Killed - Ptp server - when changing resources

  • I happened to log in just before a series of attacks that were landing at 03:59 server time May 27 on the ptp server (ts20) and decided to quickly change the allocation of the resources the hero produces.

    The hero died.

    Troops were on evasion

    and the setting was that the hero does not stay with the troops

    I reported to the MH right away and asked for the hero to be revived.

    MH has asked for the reports BUT i do not have a report of the hero dying, just the attacks with the troops evading.

    I hope the MH can restore the troops who have died now too.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • You can be playing a long time and not necessarily think through the mechanics :)

    and I have learned something about this - DON"T mess with your account during attacks - funny how I never thought in advance about this that the hero died because all the crop disappeared during the attacks


    Now I will have spend some gold to get a bucket!!!!

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