Introduction of the Anglosphere Team

  • There was a wish that you got to learn about the team, and I am sorry this hasn't been done before.

    I am sommerfuglen, (the butterfly) a 57 year old woman, from Oslo, Norway.

    Private I am married, a mother of 4 grown up "children", and I have 3 grandchildren. Can't forget my 2 rascals: Disney and Kasper, my cats.

    Private I started my education within postal system and the post office until I decided on a completely different direction in working life.

    I started working in a Day Center with mentally disabled persons, and those years has given me so much.

    Personal interests:
    All kind of handcraft: knitting, crochet, jewelry making, embroidery, gardening and houseplants. And of course playing Travian.
    When it comes to houseplants, I collect species of Hoya, and have close to 100 different.

    My Travian career:

    I started to play Travian in 2007 as a "helper" on my husbands account, and before the next server started, I have to admit I really loved the game.
    He had startet to play with our 2 sons.
    Soon my whole family was involved within the game and there was many hard discussions at the dinner-table about strategies and plans, how to play. Def-account or off-player. And we were always in the same alliance.

    In 2010 I applied for the position as Multihunter. In the next years I became Mod, then Smod. The Head Multihunter-position was applied for in 2011, and at the time of the forum-merger in 2017 I also had the position as Forum Admin.
    The Community Manager and Customer Service Representative for Norway resigned in 2017, and the next step was easy to move forward into, when he asked me to go this way.

    Here we are in 2019, and now I am 1 of 2 Community Manager's for the Anglosphere domain.

    You can always contact me by pm if you have questions, concerns or suggestions.

    Kind regards,


  • Dear all,

    we sure should have done this a long time ago but sometimes all the needed jobs get in the way for doing the little "extra". I am sorry for that.

    I am Stellamini, a 45 year-old woman living in Sweden. I live in a house in the forest, together with my husband (who I met thanks to Travian, when we were playing in the same alliance) and our 4 cats. 2 of my cats were born in the wild by homeless, unsocial cats, and my other 2 cats were abandon by their previous owners and forced to live alone outside. They were all very scared when they first came to us, but with a lot of patience, understanding and love, they are now very trustfully and "cuddly".

    At work I am helping people suffering from dementia to manage their daily lives, trying to make them feel safe so that they can live in their own homes as long as possible. They are all in different stages of their dementia, some only need us to visit them to see if everything is okay, while others need help with almost everything. Working with people in need is very wearisome but also rewarding when you know you make a difference in their lives.

    I spend a lot of my spare time on Travian, as CM and CSR but also playing.

    I like taking walks or ride my bike, you really get close to the nature when doing so. I also like to crochet and knit, but the last few years (after buying a house in need of renovation and with a rather large and overgrown garden), the day has too few hours.

    Me and Travian:

    I started to play Travian in 2008-2009. I did not really know what I was doing, but I learnt more and more for every round I played. I really enjoy learning as much as possible about the game I am playing, trying to figure out the best ways to be good at the game.

    In spring 2013, the SE team was looking for Multihunters. I have always been curious about their work and I also wanted to learn more about Travian, so I sent in an application and then forgot all about it - until the Head Multihunter contacted me and offered me to become a Multihunter. I was thrilled but also nervous - would I be able to learn and understand everything? Well, I could and after about a year, I became ForumAdmin and soon after that also Support.

    In the autumn of 2017, the Community Manager and Customer Service Representative for SE resigned, and he nominated me to take over his work. HQ accepted. In the autumn of 2018, I also became one of two Community Managers for Anglosphere.

    If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me here on forum via PM.

    Thanks for reading.

    Yours sincerely,


  • I found Travian one winter during a blizzard that had me stuck inside. This was way back in the t3.5 days. I was very lucky and found some good players who took me under their wings and taught me how to play. First lesson taught to me way back in the dark ages - avoid the forums!!! The trolls live there. (And back in those dark ages, there were some nasty trolls on the .us forums.)

    I kept playing and somehow found myself being talked into working Support by some players. Crazy, I know. But a lot safer telling players that the oasis has to be showing in their hero's mansion in order to annex it than playing on the forums. That was a safe place for a number of years until I was kind of voluntold that I would be the sMod for the .us forums. And I landed back on the forums.

    Thankfully, the nasty trolls have been banished from the .us forums by this point. I am not saying that there aren't still trolls on the forums but they aren't the giant, hairy, smelly, nasty trolls.

    I worked on both .us and .uk forums as sMod for awhile when we had the same CMs prior to the merge into Anglosphere. I discovered that I actually like the denizens of the .uk forums. (Crunchie manages to grow on you like a moss.)

    Once the domains all merged into one, I realized that I actually like the forums now. I am also the sMod for the .com forums so I have to read a lot of posts.

    During the academic year, I work in the field of education while I am working on getting my graduate degree so I can teach. I work as a substitute teacher and a special education instructional assistant at a few select schools. I often work with kids who are in an alternative school for behavioral issues by choice. I am just crazy enough to like it.

    I threatened to write this as my introduction but was told that no I wouldn't fly - "I iz pwf and I like to ban people and play with fire. Also annoy Odinloki, BB, and Scarecrow. But mostly Loffe."

  • Hello everyone, I'm a new face on the Anglosphere side of the Travian world so let me introduce myself a bit.

    First things first: I started playing Travian in 2007 because it was a cool thing to do in my friends group back then. That has changed since but I'm still here. The only hiatus I've had was during my military conscription, apart from that I've been involved in the Finnish and, after the merge, in the Nordics scene as a player, leader, more or less silent background influencer and whatever. I first joined the team as a "forum praetorian" we used to have in the Finnish forums to guide newer users throughout the forums and help them integrate into the community; later I've upgraded my status to forum moderator. The Nordics forum is a very silent one, unfortunately, so I offered my services on Anglosphere and here I am! I also worked in Support for a couple of years before the systems got changed.

    On the civil side I'm a 24-year-old university student from Finland, majoring in physical geography with some geology and meteorology studies on the side. Currently it seems I'll graduate next spring but such plans lie still on a vague foundation. On my spare time I dive into the world of video games or literature, and in some rare occasions I might also go outside for a jog or even a longer, multiple-day hike.

    If I had to describe my personality in one emoji, it would be this: :nope: Thus, if you wish to know more of my Travian background - or personal life, in case someone is interested in that :/ - don't hesitate to contact me in private.

    See you in the discussion threads!