Community Survey Result

  • Dear players, a while ago we ran a poll globally and promised to share with all of you community survey results.

    We also discussed those with community representatives during Legends on Tour event. Here is short summary of the poll results and decisions related to each question. The full version (in English) you can read here.

    New Tribes in Travian: Legends game worlds


    As you see from the votes, the vast majority likes 2 new tribes and what diversity it brings to the game. We will test 5 tribes during Qualification and Tournament servers with the aim to add them in new gameworld somewhen in 2020.

    Confederacy system in Travian: Legends game worlds


    50% of the survey participants want to include this Confederacy system into regular Travian: Legends game worlds. A deeper analysis of the votes showed that players who already played with this system strongly voted in favor of the change (over 80%).

    Since this feature change did not reach the required 75%, we collected the opinions of the Legends on Tour 2019 participants they all voted for implementing that. Therefore, we will implement the system globally, but on new starting game worlds only.

    Conquering system in Travian: Legends game worlds


    A lot of players added in the comments, that they like new conquering system, but only on special, not regular servers. So, the Conquering system neither reached the 75% threshold from the survey participants, nor got a “yes” from the community representants. Therefore, we will not change the conquer mechanic on regular Travian: Legends game worlds.

    Troop forwarding and merging in Travian: Legends game worlds


    The additional analysis showed, that though people like the troop forwarding feature, they have deep concerns about the merging one. At the same time, forwarding without merging would shift focus to defence even further. Therefore, we will not implement both features into Travian: Legends regular game worlds. We will think about ways to make the whole troop forwarding/merging more fit to regular worlds to reduce concerns in the future, but right now both features won’t be implemented.

    Reverse Tournament Square changes in Travian: Legends game worlds


    After announcing balance changes in January 2019 (link to balance changes announcement) we received a lot of negative feedback about Tournament Square changes from some communities. That’s why we decided to ask community. The result is shown above. The Tournament Square changes stay as they are now.

    Game worlds duration


    There is no clear preference. Half the players who voted would like to reduce the server duration, 1/3rd would like to keep the average game world duration of 220-250 days on a regular 1x speed server. Therefore, we decided to go mid-way and work on the server duration “just a bit”. We will further inform you about any changes.

    2x speed as regular speed in Travian: Legends game worlds


    As we will reduce the game world duration a bit anyway and this question did not reach the threshold of 75% “yes” votes, we will not change the speed of regular game worlds.

    Removing Grey Zone


    Here we see no clear preference. After talking to LoT representatives, we decided, that we will keep the “Grey Zone” for now, but we will change certain aspects of it.

    Changing Wonder of the Worlds spawn


    Even if the vote did not reach the required 75% “yes” threshold, this change got the second lowest “no” votes. Almost 1/3rd had no preference and would therefore be fine with either or.

    We asked the Legends on Tour 2019 participants’ opinion. It turned out that they strongly recommend a change of the pre-set Wonder of the World approach. Since it’s quite a big change, though, it is very unlikely that this will happen in 2019.