Adventure result

  • I am not really sure if this is a bug or not, but I thought I should post it here just in case.

    I just sent my hero on the 10th adventure. It was a hard adventure. It's my understanding that hero damage should vary from around 5 to 35% damage early in the game, yet this adventure did at least 52. Who knows how much more damage it would have dealt, if I had had more than 52 hp. Furthermore, it is my understanding that if your hero dies on an adventure, you still gain the experience but you do not gain the reward. In this case, I gained no experience.

    I assume that my knowledge of game mechanics is lacking and the 52% with no experience is within possible results, but it seems insane enough to warrant me posting here just to double check. I think the most experience I've ever lost on any adventure is 32%, and that was much later in the game, not on the third day of the server.

  • The damage your hero takes on adventure depends on how much fighting strength it has. If you don't put any points in attack, and don't have any/much equipment for the hero, a hard adventure can easily kill the hero on the 10th adventure.

    So where am I going wrong with my calculation? Because if the 10th adventure when normal can have 5-45 defense then your hero shouldn't be able to take more than 23% damage, and if you multiply that by 2 for a hard adventure then it still shouldn't exceed 46%.

  • you generally want to have at least 1 point in fighting strength per level of your hero. It sounds like you had 0 points in fighting strength by your 10th adventure so obviously you are going to take significantly more damage...

  • What I do normally early is, whenever hero levels up, I put 1 point in fighting strength and the other 3 in resourses. Keeps him just healthy enough and with either a weapon or a regen gear doesnt die :)

  • What was your hero fighting strength? Not HP. I can't really help you without that.

    All good, I realized where I was calculating it wrong. The range would be 7-67% so nothing outside the expected range after all.