New game-mode - Personal Design

  • Naredil sem podobno objavo na Anglospher domeni, ampak me vseeno zanimajo vaša mnenja :D Če je problem, lahko prevedem iz angleščine.

    Heyo :D

    Beware, this is going to be a long post, explaining my thought proccess for the whole "design".

    Red colored text is where id would be super interested in your opinion.

    Feel free to chip in anywhere tho :)

    General server information

    So Ive been thinking a while about this. How could someone shorten server length, without impacting their troops speed/production of resourses. Speed servers are too fast for some and 1x server require a commitment to a longer period of time (basically nearly a year of logining daily etc.).

    The server length I was playing with was 1 month.

    Travian:Legends is the basis im basing most of my thought proccess on.

    Now 1st, id like to cover "monetization", so that TG can make profit from running these servers. I would start a "sign-up" program. Every server would require you to pay 15€ to play. Basically like a membership thingy. After that, you will be able to sign-up on any server and have the following unlocked:

    -Gold CLUB

    -Gold Plus for the duration of the server

    -all 25% boosts for the duration of the server

    -500 gold to spend however you want it - NPC/Instabuild

    Buying additional gold would be impossible.


    Now, lets disscuss this. Why did I decide on such numbers.

    • I think the pay2sign-up would be great idea, since it would repel multiaccounts (I realise that there might still exist, but at least it would cost them :D ).
    • It would greatly highlight the real "skill" of players, while not being completely pay2win in some cases.

    Potential problems: What to do with auctions? I realise that those auctions are one of the bigger "money-makers" of TG, especially early. What I would do with them, is completely wipe-them out. I would "reword" the hero adventures that they can only bring home resourses and ointments. Now, you are thinking that this is terrible for TG, but lets do some calculations:

    Ill be basing all the calculations on an average server. That means that there is 1200 players on the server and each of those players play 1 server per year (12 months) - for the sake of the calculation. I think this is fair, since some play less, some more - average server length is around 280 days or something I think.

    This is where Ill look for your input: I think the average person would throw in 2 1600 gold packages. If it takes you around 1100 gold to build your capital and the rest for whatever you need (auctions, instabuilds, NPCs etc). For the purposes, lets say that the cost of that is 100€. Now, of course, there is a lot that spend a lot more just on the early glad helm. And there is a lot that just buy gold-club and some boosts. The glad-helm buyers are in the minority so lets say around 70€ on average per person, per year. That makes it up to 84000€ per year from 1 server.

    Now lets compare it to this completely imaginary game-mode monitazation:

    Say we would have a lesser player-base of lets say 700 players. Membership would cost 15€ - for everyone. That makes up to 10500€ per server (1 month). And lets say you can play 8 of those in the span where you could play 1 of the normal one. That evens it out completely - making exacly 84000€.


    Now the general information about the server. When you sign-up and select the tribe you usually just choose the quadrant where you would want to start. 94561-screenshot-1-jpgNow, instead of that, you would be able to select the actual tile you would start on (the unoccupied tiles are the only available options ofc). This would encourage strategies by alliances and since the server would be so short (1 month), there wouldnt be "time" to spend the 1st 10 days on just settling 2nd villages etc. and "simming" for the 1st 60 days those massive capitals with 18/19s, so we would encourage players to decide and depend less on "randomization".

    Also regarding spawns. There is still going to be players complaining about not being able to secure good croppers due to poor spawning. What I would do is just remove all 150% 15c/9c completely. Reason for that is, since everyone will have limited gold, there is only so far one could sim that capital. So the tiles wouldnt be pushed as far, hence making the lesser difference.


    Okay, now we have spawned. Resourse production is the same as on 1x speed. You would have your hero for production on normal speed as well. You could level him by clearing oasis or just by sending him on the adventures.

    Now to addess the biggest change. I would cut down the cost of EVERYTHING by 1/2 of their original cost and the build time by 1/3. For example: Currently (1x server). The warehouse on level 1 costs 420 resourses to build and 33 minutes 20 seconds on main building level 1. That would go down to 210 resourses and 22 minutes and 20 seconds. That would go for every building/resourse field etc.

    That would speed up the settling of villages and overall development, while still being able to run a solo-account.

    Culture points given by buildings would also recieve a 150% increase per building etc.


    By now, you would have like 3 villages and it would be around day 15. You started to make some troops.

    Now about troops: same goes for them. Half the resourses needed and 2/3 the train time of the normal 1x speed server.

    Now building plans will appear in 15 days (day 30 - 1 month of the server).

    In 15 days, you can build 16600 clubswingers and 4000TKs on normal baracks and stable. According to that, the building plan would come with defense according to the server length. Also, the actual WW village would already come prepared with 3 GWs and 2 GGs.

    Now you are wondering. Oh, artefacts! Great warehouses and great granaries! I wouldnt implement artefacts on 1 month server. Just doesnt seem "right". Those 5 buildings is everything we would get and if they get destroyed, cant be rebuilt.


    I think a server made by this formula would be a great addition. You could plan in advance what month youll have more time. Choose that months and play. There would be less cheating (I think) and skill would be more apparent. Also TG would have more consistent money flow.

    There is also an idea for "promotions" by giving away random 1 month memberships etc.

    Let me know what you think!



  • I like idea about 1 mont a play and paying 15 euro for that without pay to win strategy. Can i add some idea with that kind of rules

    . I really like idea to have championship like 10 vs 10 player or 15 vs 15 players with ranking points like in tennis and at the end of the year you have some kind of qualification between all of teams who played that kind of travian .

    Like in WOW i wish that there is some kind of guild who only have players with some kind of knowledge . And ranking ofc you will know that guild is better when you see more ranking points on it

    . LEts say that that kind of server are 1 month long but they are 5x servers with speed start ,( ww and pandoria ) doesnt matter and after 1 month of playing you need to have 1 month free time between 2 round . Ofc you can always play some other servers in between if you want but mine plan is that 1 month without travian is good time for rest and maybe prepaire for 2 round opponent.

    It would be more interesting if travian team lead statistics about every team , player , server , similar like in wow. Second thing is to let people to join that kind of server like viewer but not that he can see army insaide or where is army going .

    Just stats reports etc etc. At the end they can have replay of all server action where they can see army and actions of the server . That for example travian can charge like 5 euro and i would be first player to pay that kind of service .

    What about idea to add 1 more mineral to compensate gold in the game is to add gold mine somewhere on map , but not let to find that easy that gold site. You need to create special units who are only one who can search for gold on map. There is so much fun what you can add with talent tree , hero tree, alliance tree and main capital tree during that server that i wont type atm because it is too long.