Link for sending hero

  • Hello,

    since I need to switch often hero between my own villages, I would like to create link which automaticaly prefill hero and coordinates of specific village. Does anyone know this magic?

  • I don't think so dude, but you should do some research maybe you will find your answer on the internet.

    . Altho someone might know the answer in this forum so i don't know, but a research is worth a try

  • It's possible. I had a link to dodge my hammer, where if I clicked the link, it'd fill out max count of troops in all categories and send them to an oasis (I just have to click send).

    So it should be possible to have one that fills out hero, and then you need to check the box switch hero home village and click send.

    It was a dual or sitter that set it up a long time ago though, and I didn't grab the link template... Though I guess I can ask around on skype.

    Until then though, you can easily set up a link to send troops to another village (just without hero pre-filled). Just click on the village you want to send troops to (it shouldn't be the active village) and click send troops, now copy the url and you're good. If it's only hero that you need to input, it's really not much of a difference between having hero pre-filled or not.