New punishment system - discussion

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  • I have seen multi-accounting (and botting) not yielding to troop penalty before (well, they dont actually say the specific reason, but you can mostly infer) but anyway. In either case, this is actually worse than I thought then: I can leave a racist comment and get away with only pop reduction? I know that my ex-dual got banned for saying "noob" in game once. The time it took him to get unbanned was the real punishment.

    Noel, 8:13 PM

    She breaks my heart, I break their armies

  • Well, I guess it all depends on how severe and how consistently bad your behavior is, but generally any rule breaking involving account enhancing should 100% include troop penalty.

    I can leave a racist comment and get away with only pop reduction?

    As for such behavior, they could implement a feature that also disables you to send IGMs and block your profile description. A punishment fitting for the type of rule you broke would probably be better.

    And like I said, I'm speaking from personal experience. Not sure how it is in general, but when I got banned for telling someone to um off, MH stated the penalties to me and those then didn't include troop removal, just 10% building level reduction. (Crop production related buildings excluded.)

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  • The penalties all comes down to how much you transfer to the MH dealing with the case, at least that’s how it works now, hope that will change with the new RET.

  • This also varies greatly among MH's, some are more generous than others. :/

  • That depends on why you were banned... multi-accounting and botting will yield you troop penalty iirc, while swearing / insulting potentially won't. (not saying you should try)

    If you broke the rules by using 3rd party software or multi-accounting to enhance your account you're definitely in for a troop penalty, as that gave you an unfair advantage. This is quite often the most common reason for ban anyway, or at least heated discussions about bans.

    I have seen multi-accounting (and botting) not yielding to troop penalty before (

    We actually don't know. As a part of new system reworked penalties schedule will be put into place. It will not be published. Penalties will be the same for all similar cases for the first, second etc ban. There are several variability factors like account size, don't know what else. I doubt there will be drastic changes but prepare yourself for surprises just in case. There are debates about including capital fields into population reduction penalties, I heard.

    In either case, this is actually worse than I thought then: I can leave a racist comment and get away with only pop reduction? I know that my ex-dual got banned for saying "noob" in game once. The time it took him to get unbanned was the real punishment.

    The penalty will be the same for all, on all domains. I don't understand reasoning for it. For example, why "bad language" penalties should be the same for local domains there everyone fluently speaks the same language and on com there good chunk of players barely speaks any English?

    but I think one of the biggest punishment and deterrent against cheating was NOT the punishment itself but the opportunity cost of idle time

    I think it is quite popular opinion actually. Especially on regional map servers there a ban, even accepted in a few seconds, would make whole alliance lose diet for example (which cost gold to activate btw). There are very few punishments applied to very few accounts that can top this, but yet we see and will see the same penalty applied to all.

    As for the abuse of the window, it will be worse. To be honest, I can easy see case when I happily say someone "you are an idiot", get my storage empty and continue playing, I would not dare before as I know it can drag me into several days fight with support, and I don't see it as a bad thing, there are violations that can be paid off and forgotten. Worse thing is I chose when to accept that penalty which would come really handy if no one can cover account for a weekend.

  • If I may, once again taking into the discussion the point of view of someone currently falsely accused, I think idle time is great to punish cheats. Even more so experienced ones as Time is the most valuable ressource in Travian.

    But, a none experienced player cheating might not realise this and thus care less.

    But that's not my main point:

    Time cannot really be bought back, even with Gold.

    So how to compensate someone who's been wrongly blocked ?

    I accepted mine after 40hours only to delete.

    Because nothing could really make back for it, especially at the start of the servor.

    Auto replying to myself: If the ban system were to be perfect and always fair then Time punition is indeed best. But, and here only using my own limited experience, it is not always fair, and ends up in creating resentment and even more frustration, eventually leading to a simple delete.

  • It is not possible to create bullet proof system with 100% accuracy. I don't know how limited is your experience (but please keep in mind that discussion of a ban, specific bans for sure, are forbidden on the forums. We all walk very fine line here), many people who posted here are alliance leaders and even if they has not experienced bans themselves they were involved in good number of cases. Even though we all trying to protect our fellow players (even when they are wrong often) we also see what cheating is doing for the game, sadly. There is always a balance between false positive and missed violations and if I were in change i would not know where to draw the line.

  • True.

    And I guess what is currently happening on FR1 is just an overall bug, never heard of almost 100 blocked accounts at the same Time on false ground before.

    Yet this specific example does highlight to me the need to find a system that does allow for fair punishment reversal.

    One way could be something like offering to oppose the ban, or accept it straight away, which would lead admin to an additional 72hours check (through complaints email)

    If proven after this it is a false positive, nothing really happened.

    If proven the appeal was based on false grounds, just multiply the length or multiply the punishment.

    I guess most cheats would recognise their wrong but I might not be enough of a gambling type.

    And, in exceptionnal cases maybe it cannot be proven nothing wrong was done and you get an even biger punishment for nothing (being personnal here).

    But to me, someone not cheating is anyway going to delete in the current state of things and start another servor later on as I did, knowing false positives won't happen everytime...

  • I’m seriously surprised that they decided to go with the new ban system, sure it’s better than what we were used to, but seems like a bandaid fix.

    What they should have spent their time working on is a system where TG staff could flag an account as under investigation for violating the rules.

    When an account would get flagged, they would get a notice about it, and they would get locked out of some of the ingame options, like attacking for example. They should still be allowed to raid, sim and what not.

    It would imo be a way better system, as it would allow he players and staff to have a conversation before just straight up banning accounts.

    Closed alpha soon?

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  • sooo.

    How is the review coming along to ensure auto banning is done appropriately.

    What steps are the travian employees taking to ensure that requests are handled in an expedient manner?

    Case in point. I am involved with another ban.

    Today I could promise high activity to help someone while using an arti and both duals are virtually unavailable during the time I could give high coverage to the account.

    Since I am not the account owner I cannot tell anyone at support they have identified this as an incorrect ban....

    I am feeling pretty crappy right now.

    Like seriously.

    I had some time to kill today

    AND instead of being helpful my actions have hurt the account AND the alliance.

    I guess their auto bots cant detect some human behaviour.

    @admin for this forum

    Please forward these comments to the auto ban team

    I am happy to speak with them on Skype.

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