Congrats MAD for your GOLD Victory

  • So short, huh.

    This is my first time see people who can’t afford to lose. If they can't win, just blame on others ‘cheating’.

    Why we are leading?

    Because our alliance have a strong organisation. Good response to the defence call and great teamwork. We have many experienced players and new players who are enthusiastic to participate. Everyone has the same purpose: to win this server.

    We have lots of players(including me :p) who have been defeated many times in other servers. And we just keep learning the skills from our old enemies to make us more stronger, instead of saying others cheating.

    The most precious thing is as Abby said.

    We have adorable teammates. We help each other.<3

    If you say those ridiculous things can make you happy, just say it. The truth is, this won't let you win anything, it won't make you stronger or better.

    The last thing I want to say is:

    finding solutions leads to success; making excuses leads to failure.:*

  • MAD had diplomatic relationships with a lot of alliances, PB too. However as such we never took their assistance nor did they ask of us.

    There is a little mistake here.

    Yes, MAD didn't ask for help.

    But MAD help PB to walled TM's hammers many times.

    My druidriders died a lot.;(;(;(

  • Just cause I have to add this that I forgot to post in my last post earlier today - consider this an addition to my last "SHORT" response which is my last post about mad.

    You and your adorable teammates are going to rot in hell. You will enjoy it together I'm sure. I posted a lot of posts explaining how you cheated with screenshots and evidences in the other thread. Since I'm keeping this post "SHORT" you can go back and re-read them there. We lost cause you killed us very early server and paralyzed us with your unorthodox illegal techniques. We could do better. I agree and learned our mistakes. For one I will never trust the travian admins in launching the game with correct map.That was a deadly mistake I did before the server started. I will never take that long in ending an alliance when i see its not working. We did a horrible mistake in our diplomacy with OP. I had to try harder in sorting everything alone when you brought hell upon us. I begged for help from people so maybe someone would help me with coordination since they were all extremly time sensitive but I failed. I will not start any other server without being sure that we have enough online/not bailing leaders to start one.

    Also the goal of "winning this server" changed for - at least - me after watching how unorthodox you play. After that my goal was running as far as I can from you since playing this server was basically throwing time and money in trashcan and encouraging travian to just let things go when it comes to dealing with stuff like you and encouraging stuff like you to be you. It's not fun. It's not a game. It's just where "loosers" gather. The true winners are my friends who left travian forever when they watched how travian deals with stuff like you. And with their act this game is one step closer to where it belongs with it's current meta (trashcan of history).

    I also promised to try to volunteer for MH job later this year when I'm more free. I'll see if I can stop stuff like you from ruining the game and at least do my share in saving this rotten game that I used to love 12 years ago from this meta - a game that came all this way to just be full of stuff like you.

    The end.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • not sure if these servers should be shorter, so servers like this where it is effectively over doesn't drag out. but this is second region server in a row for me that the server ends months before the end. seems like this is a problem that should get fixed by travian. perhaps add conditions for the win.

    Maybe fight until the end ?

  • Maybe fight until the end ?

    On the other ptp server, I fought until all hammers crashed and then we all quit. I took it upon myself to do the offensive operation planning so that all those that built a hammer, used their hammer. We trashed a good number of capitals before we all left. I am not a leader in TM nor do I have a hammer, so time to quit. My account should be gone by Monday or. We had tons of buckets and what not, so taking a few days to sell everything.

    On a regions server what is the point of fighting until the end? On wonder servers, even the most disorganized team can still win the game in endgame if they play it right. so there is every reason to play until the end. here why play after your hammers have crashed?

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  • Watching these old SYN players have strong sense of justice make me feel comfort. Travian game will bloom if all players have the sense of justice like you guys, willing to volunteer MH job and send my adorable pigs and cows teammates down to rot in hell.

    Hope you can get the job, and clean all the injustice out from Travian game and have a nice wedding if I remember right.

    But why I remember someone from SYN and later join TM deceive and cheat money from our player? Maybe cheat the pigs and cows should be a justice action although this deceiver is also a heavy gold purchaser?

  • By the way, I still don’t realize why everyone think merging and forward system is a huge advantage for hammer? I truly think that deff players have a huge advantages against hammer because of freely choose where the store deff troops.

  • But why I remember someone from SYN and later join TM deceive and cheat money from our player? Maybe cheat the pigs and cows should be a justice action although this deceiver is also a heavy gold purchaser?

    I need to know more about this. Send the details to me somehow please.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Troop merging is pay to win, TG wanted to introduce that feature into 4.4 and we fought really hard to make it not happen. Then they pushed that feature on Pandora servers since nobody cared about those servers anyways. Not sure why competent players would play such a pay to win servers where you require an elite 60 to win a server in the first place (given a competition is on the server).

    I would take a moment and try to again promote my idea of assigning the VPs to the villages (or even players) instead of the alliances. It has several benefits, one of those is that your game would still be ongoing. Here's how it'll look:

    The Vps are given to the villages dominating in a region where your alliance is dominating based on the population of that village,

    Dominating alliance pop = 6k pop in region,

    Your presence in the region = 1400 pop (2 villages of 700 in region)

    Region's total vps = 400

    Your village VPs = 1400/6000 * 400 = 93 vps per day


    A players can take its time to join an alliance after joining his regions alliance,

    Alliances can switch players to take a lead (of course some cool down to the VPs activation when they switch alliance to avoid abuse)

    You destroy a village - the VPs related to that village is gone (so it's possible to lose VPs)

    Smaller players will also hold values

    You chief a village, the VPs are shifted (lose and gain = twice the VPs difference)
    The winner is decided on the last day of the server. It would mean on the end-game, you'll have a day when you throw in everything to destroy their VPs whlie defending your villages to not lose your VPs

    Smaller players could also play a role in such servers to win.

    There's a lot more advantages, but this would make your really boring game a lot more fun. Also in this scenario, merging troops wouldn't help much since you would want split and attack in first place anyways.

  • As a pure outsider in this server (except viewing on account of friend), and as an ex-leader and ex-member of TM (and yes, I am a gold-whore too, who will happily spend what is necessary to win), I will say this:

    While MAD may abuse Gold (more than some alliances previously seen) - lets not pretend that TM isn't shy of abusing gold either, and that many of TM accounts have the view of almost limitless gold, where they'll continually add gold whenever theyre low. And in the past when other alliances have complained of the gold abuse of TM against them, I find it ironic/hypocratic that now TM may cry the same of another alliance simply because they do it more than them.

    Travian is pay to win, its almost rediculous to assume or think that an alliance of skilled players who purely do not use a single drop of gold can beat an alliance of average players who spend 500+ gold a week these days. So the flame about who has paid more for their victory is pretty rediculous, when if you scour through previous forums and find other alliances stating the same about TM is just silly, just that this is on a different scale (i.e. an alliance has spent more than TM for once)

    Regardless of who is better alliance, or has better players, MAD seems to have won, and whether you flame them for using more gold, believe it or not, this is the viewpoint of many alliances who can second, third, fourth etc, compared to the alliance who come first, who have usually spent more gold overall.

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  • MAD gold's use was on a different scale. It wasn't 500 gold a week. It was more like 500 gold a DAY from some of their players. More on the weeks were they merged armies in different regions every other day. Yes, every other day 100k armies were merged in different regions.

    TM of this server, not be confused with the TM you lead, did have gold users. A lot more than my alliance did, and they were still not even sniffing at the heels of the amount that MAD used. Had SYN went head to head against TM, we would have made it a competitive server, they were not using enough to just outright overwhelm us as MAD did. As an alliance leader on wonder servers for many years, we beat teams that out golded us through our teamwork and skill. These ptp servers, enough gold use and you cannot over come it.

    So yes, I do see those gold fueled wins as worthless in terms of skill showed. Travian is breaking their game and it is a damn shame that they are.

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  • There is a difference between topping up gold when you are low and, spending indiscriminately on merging, auctions, golding up villages e.t.c.

    In regional rounds the gold has a bigger impact.

    Can't really blame MAD for abusing a system designed to be abused.

  • Haha its kind of a capitalist world, you cant really expect someone to be sorry just cause they are rich. Although a bit weird that a communist society where everyone is equal and a utopia is the one where we find most of the rich bois !!

    Still please do not expect the rich bois to be sorry for their success, they worked for it prbly and can use it in a game. Yes, travian admin is to be blamed.

  • Sorry ELE, didn't realise :)


    more often than not the winner of a server usually have players, or a large group of players, who can abuse gold, and I imagine some of the people moaning on here are abusers of gold themselves, theyre just moaning because someone is abusing gold on a larger scale than themselves maybe?

    I mean personally I've bought CP helmets for 3k+ gold, merged hammers costing 5k+ gold in a single day etc.

    There is always someone who abusers it more haha

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  • The fact that limitless merging with gold is broken is not mads fault.

    This is mads fault:



    (same happened in cartagho and girba twice)

    This is mads fault:

    com Path to Pandora X2 Rumors

    This is mads fault:


    This is mads fault:


    (look at stephan)

    This is mads fault:


    (Thats an image of one of their "late" multi accs they made for cartagho)

    I dont have any account on server since ages ago or I would give you more stuff.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Haha regardless? Nope I am not a gold abuser by any degree of your definition.

    You never struck me as a daft person, so not sure why you are being so dense in this situation. If you use so much gold, that you merge your hammers nonstop across the map to demolish your enemy, the thing you proved in the game is that you have more money, not more skill. If you are defending them, because you yourself have outspent enemies on a ridiculous scale, same applies to you buddy.

    And how do you find it funny that this version of travian is pay to win? I won't play regions servers anymore. People kept promising this version is so much better, and 4 ptp servers now and all I saw was ridiculous amounts of gold spent, more botting and multi accounting, and scripting than I ever saw on a wonder server. Like everything that was wrong with wonder server,s people are invited to do even more of on region servers.

    And to sakku points of capitalism. Sure there are many who born at the bottom and made it to the top, somehow I really doubt that the players we faced are those rags to riches stories. I am positive those kind of people don't play browser games unless they are retired or something. More likely than not, and I mean like 99% sure of this, they were born rich and there is no merit in that.

    I have lost travian serves before, so its not the losing that has bothered me. It is how broken this type of server is and the thought that travian wants to go this way.

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