Congrats MAD for your GOLD Victory

  • I would like to be the first to extend a hearty congratulations to MAD for their gold fueled victory. It must have taken you a lot of time and planning to use your bank cards to strategically to merge hammers every few days. Paying employees to play for you and support you with private farms, was I have, to say an inspired idea. All in all, you proved your travian skills without a gold doubt. And multiaccount, scripting and botting, I mean I don't know why the rest of us did not think of that. Just bad leadership I suppose on our part.

    Of course MAD could have probably been defeated if the rest of the server had banded togather, but TM and TKW couldn't grasp the insane cheating and golding since it didn't happen to them, until of course it did happen to them and then it was too late. I hope those leaders have lived and learned. Think big, think strategically and adjust to facts on the ground. The facts were in broad daylight and you all whistled past the grave yard.

    Anyways, enough crying over spilled milk.

    Shame on MAD. A bought victory is meaningless, the point of playing games is to prove strategy and game skill. Yes, travian must charge for some things to pay staff and developers, but a game should not be pay to win so directly. But Thank you for using insane amounts of gold on this server to subsidize other travian servers, where poor folks like us do not spend ridiculous amounts of gold.

    Shame on Travian and your failure to stop the rampant cheating and encouraging pay to win servers. I do hope Travian realizes how broken the merge function is. However, I doubt it since I am sure travian accountants love seeing the $$$$ spent on merging armies. Seems this game is more about making money than giving us a quality product. Par for the course. The regions concept is fabulous, merging instant armies is decidedly not.

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  • madcuzbad?

  • I am glad it is over. It has been exhausting spying on you. Sifting through all those chat logs almost made me go crazy.

    Good round, good luck in the future!

  • Doesn't the server run until August 5th?

    A thought just occurred to me though

    Maybe the VP spread is too big now to overcome - correct?

  • Yeah the overall VP lead coupled with the daily VP lead now means that MAD has won. It is not a mathematical impossibility for TM to still win, but for the last 3 weeks its has a been a slow decline until this past weekend when MAD brought down the hammers and the daily VP drastically jumped in their favor. The amount of planning and GOLDing that TM would need to do to turn things around would require a herculean effort that until this point they have not managed, through no fault of their own of course.

    This server is effectively over. Any gold use is just a gift to travian. If you like simming and attacking neighbors, you can do that for a couple months longer on the server.

    I did forget to praise Enric, the TM leader, and the TM officer players, for putting up a good fight. Did enjoy being part of their group last few weeks. Nice people.

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  • gotcha

    thank you ice

    i hope a few people will continue to lurk and cause some chaos

    So here is another case in point> where the server length is too long when there is imbalance to a server.

    In the recent Travian survey that was one of the questions (I think) about should the sever length be reduced

  • hahaha i feel TM had a better fight with us than with MAD. PB got our EDITED handed to us but was fun.

    I have to say that TM never listened to SYN when they said MAD is OP. They wanted to pummel other alliances and win. Sorry thats not happening when the chinese are at the border.

    I think its time now that the small alliances will be squashed.

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  • yeah a lot of quality players on the server, good players in TM, PB, TKW, OP even. hope you all had a bit of fun on the server despite the circumstances.

    i hope ptp x2 gets restarted (without MAD ofc) x2 speed is a pretty good improvement on the normal speed. region points need to get balanced

    not sure if these servers should be shorter, so servers like this where it is effectively over doesn't drag out. but this is second region server in a row for me that the server ends months before the end. seems like this is a problem that should get fixed by travian. perhaps add conditions for the win.

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  • I think that any defence argues are meaningless. Therefore, I only want to say thank you for TM. We pretty enjoy the fight between us. It’s happy to win in this server.

    If you hate MAD, you can fight against with us

    If you like MAD, you can try to join us in next server


    I will lead MAD to play next server, hope we can see you guys again.

    Time to be Madness

  • Dear La Mala Ice,

    I afraid the strategy and game skill of TM warriors still can be improved in some espect.

    For example, members of TM like to rise their population very much. Most of the top 100 population players are belong to TM Alliance. It is good for economy development, but they also need to face population punishment when they attack MAD members. Therefore TM always face disadvantage when they attack MAD village.

    Also TM's strategy is to conquer as many as the number of regions, but not care the quality of regions. I afraid it is a bad strategy. TM and MAD also has around 60 members only. When TM has more region to defence, TM population in each region will be less(some TM regions have only around 10000 population each) . That why MAD can easily conquer TM region.

    From the beginning, TM has Numantia, Lutetia, Thebes, Londinium, etc. However if you want the power of Rivals great confusion, TM only need to conquer either one of them. TM choose conquering both 4 of these regions is wasting their energy. But MAD pay more attention on some important regions only, such as 'Increased victory point production' .

    TM pay attention on the number of regions brings another strategy mistake on diplomacy. The increase of number of regions cause TM has more conflicts on other Alliance. PB is being attacked by TM because of some regions. Therefore PB will never cooperate on TM.

    You still can make any excuse of TM's lose on your emeny side, but if all TM members have the same idea with you, I afraid TM will never advance and will be defeated again.

    PS: thank you all MAD players' support. Otherwise I can not survive from TM attack in May, 2019

    by hugo234

    A new player in MAD Alliance

  • I said it before I'll say it again

    Mad is still an insult for the way its killing Travian with its Mad scaled cheating and disgusting gold abuse. Whoever is proud to be inside that alliance is not worthy to be called human - doesn't matter if you were the one who did the cheating early server or if you just supported it. I hope to never meet anyone like you in real life or in virtual world. I'm so sad and embarrassed that I used to call someone in your alliance a friend. I hope that people use your alliance name as an insult for next few years. I heard people saying "oh they are pulling a mad" that meant "They are a bunch of hard-core cheaters" and "Don't be like mad" meaning "Don't cheat" a bunch of times on other servers during this time. I hope to hear it more. I hope everyone leave every server you guys join at to prove playing with you is not worth the time. May you enjoy your boring life together for the rest of your life.

    Your victory is an insult to yourselves.


    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • A little girl as a leader in a war game was like a joke. I have never seen such crying about cheating so much. Even hit residence by luck, even rebuild 3 chief in 6 hours, even use gold and push to finish the construction are regarded as cheating. Its hard for me to commite on such ridiculous view.

    As for the idea pay to win, to some degree its right, we need to take regions by incorporate troops. But you guys made a big mistake. TM has also spent a lot, the total size of the troop incorporated by TM was no less than MAD.
    In the last fight between Mad and TM, TM incorporate more than 500k troops in 3 region( gribe、ammong and emporiae), however, all these troops were walled only after they take down one or two village within one day. I have to say that the perfect Defense organization was the key for MAD to win.
    And what about the situation when MAD incorporate troops to TM or SYN'S region?I am sorry to tell you guys that we are only faced with the standing deff in that region, and everyone saw the result.

    I know I should attach some report here to prove what I say, but sorry, I am too lazy to find that, and the leader of TM, espeicially the planer would know all what I said is true.

    Finally, GG TM, I am glad to meet so many excellent player like Mirmytoni Zeus Poseidon and so on( but no ETERNAL TEAM) .They are really good, especially Zeus, I hope you guys can get stronger help from support staff in next serve. Good luck!

    -------------------------by Rainfall on Genghis khan

  • The only fact is MAD win in this server.

    Honestly, if TM say that word ,I will think it’s ok. But for SYN, I think the main reason of you guys are so weak. Not because of gold abuse of ‘cheating’. I don’t think MAD is so strong, like MAD other members have said that we have been punished by other alliance in other server. Just remember what you guys do in Salona ,Lilybaeum, Carthago and Delphi. 0 teamwork in SYN, when MAD attack SYN small player, 0 defence troops will stay in their village. You guys want to protect your offensive player, it’s ok. Every attack plan is 0 effect. The fact tell everyone that SYN need to find a smart leader to organised the team. Just look at the leader of TM, Zeus can organise so many good attack and also stop us to take the region easily. The difference of the leader is so big. I actually think TM get enough support, they can win .

    Time to be Madness

  • What I thing is you guys are just buch of chicken,you guys are so weak.TM earned my respect,but you people don' know why?failed of def,losing village,losing resoure,even losing the game.that's not shame!But make the losing blaming to the winner using golds or something?that's a real shame!You guys just can't admit you are weak.when you lose the game,you people just can't stay in the alliance.lot of people go to the TM,how could you win?So just take these EDITED ,admit the lose,may,you guys will earn my respect!

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  • Let me answer the stuff you said about me in short:

    I'm not a little girl anymore.

    I'm not crying just stating facts and am only doing that to make sure everyone knows what is Mad and to make sure you guys received enough curses and shame

    I'm not weak.

    I'm not even poor just don't spend more than whats necessary for a game cause I'm not a looser.

    Unlike what you claim I admitted that we were out played by mad and we (everyone in SYN) we have Absolutely 0 shame in admitting the fact that we "lost".

    I take criticism for my leadership. Please tell me everything you saw I lacked. My defenses - not trying to bring excuses; I still admit that I suck as leader - are: For a while in this server I was solo-leading the alliance because other leaders had real life issues. Plus some of our leaders didn't start with us in this server. I sacrificed my sleep, food and real life for my alliances more than once. I payed gold to others so they could develop and get back on their feet. and I'll do so again if I ever have the opportunity to lead. We didn't manage to catch a single hammer of mad cause we couldn't develop enough to do so and because of the nature of merging and your troop movement in early server and because my players couldn't do the same. I know that TM players could do the same. You didn't allow my players to develop in early server anywhere. Plus there was a bunch of unfortunate time related issues with a bunch of players who lost their important villages to you and left the game which made us severely weaker. Like - scipio was one of our leaders he got the 15c in the small haste region and lost it to mads in a day - he was in some sort of marriage or something I don't remember during whole thing. We also got screwed in early server cause they started this on small map. In SE there is only one region that you can small haste on really fast and that is epid where all TKW players spawned and there is one fast small storage that again they spawned in. Spawning in SE suddenly became the most stupid mistake we could ever do - when if it was large map we would get good regions fast. Also we tried to make allies to get some breath points to develop but our allies had their own stuff to do and didn't give a damn about what we doing even though I was literally begging them at that time. Edit: Also need to add that We could not defend against 10 minutes away attacks. We gathered defenses to wall your hammers in multiple scenarios but we had like 9 minutes to forward and you were attacking us from 10 minutes away cause you had haste and we didn't - not that we didn't try to get it. You didn't let us compete fair in first few regions. We couldn't get haste early. we couldn't get confusion or trainer early we got smashed by you and your 10 minute away attacks. BUT YES. I took full responsibility before I take it again. With every village my alliance lost and we lost like 80 of them in 2 weeks a part of my soul died. It was my fault. If i could come up with any plan to throw another alliance under your fire early server maybe we could develop and become something like TM and give you a fight when you were coming for us. I apologize to my players for my in capabilities.

    You're less than a bunch of farm animals. You just think doing anything to a bunch of other actual people who want to spend their money and time in reasonable manner for winning an online game with absolutely no reward is justified. You ruined syn in early server and paralyzed us with cheating. and yes I mentioned the broken merge with gold function in my past comments too, that actually now TG realized it too and are working on fixing it. You managed to win the shame trophy in this server and I'm so glad that I'm here and am able to point that out.

    I have no shame - not for playing an online game - nor for leading my alliance. I did anything I could for them. Shame is on you for reasons that I stated for like 2 million times. I've been playing this game for past 12 years and I NEVER attacked another alliance in forums for cheating or gold abuse. Not even remotely. I did so for mad. And I did it "this much" and I'm proud of myself that I did it cause you guys deserve to be known for the stuff you do.

    I rest my case here. Think whatever you want about SYN or me. Think whatever you want about how we "Lost" - even though I count us winner since we stopped using gold way early in server when we saw what is mad doing that was a true win. Think whatever you want about my dear friends who left travian forever. No one cares. I don't want you to respect me. I never wanted the respect of a bunch of cows and pigs - no insult meant to cows and pigs. Maybe no one cares about what I said about you either but it was my duty as a human to write these and i'm proud of myself for doing that in this scale!

    This was my last post on this matter. I will not read or post on travian forums about mads again. If you have any questions message me privately.


    Sarah V. Rossel AKA Frozen Angel on that server used to play in Osiris Account till i gave that account away and left it when SYN broke apart.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


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  • Let me answer the stuff you said about me in short:

    Not so short lol;)

    And as a defense player and sometimes organizer, I still think merging system is not a big advantage for offense players when there is also forward system.

    I believe Afrodita from TM(Sorry taking you as example) and many other TM players who also spend gold merged troops can agree my words.

    We all experienced that when we still trying to hit the residence of the rivals village, the defense troops forwarded nearby walled the offense troops.

    In my opinion, in many cases, the merging and the forward system didn't give hammer players huge advantages against deff players.

    Moreover, I believe in most of the cases, the merging and the forward system give deff players a huge advantages.

    By the way, I believe Defense is the basis of the game. When SYN break apart and most of them join TM, I didn't believe MAD will win.

    Why we won at last is because we take our responsibility to save the region for our team and teammates.

    Many of our players willing to stay up late and set alarm clock at 4 a.m. despite they also have their real life.

    What you gonna do is to motivate their love and passion for the team and for the game.

    What you earn most in the game will not be the honor of winning, the most precious one is your lovely teammates.<3

  • One thing I will commend MAD for is their dedication.

    Dedication in sending attacks day after day, dedication in making sure all fakes and reals are timed perfectly, dedication in having accounts active and able to respond to defence calls at all hours. My hats off to you guys if you did it legitimately, I won't say what I think if you didn't. But either way, very few teams play with that kind of dedication. TM managed to pull off a few good ops but doing so continuously and so relentlessly is something else. Personally I think that was the difference between the two team. Whoever ran out of steam first, would fall behind

  • Sexist much? Bet the ladies love you in real life. Stopped reading after your insult based on my gender. It was enough to know your arguments would be weak and stupid.

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  • Fair point, despite all the other aspects giving an undue advantage to MAD, indeed TM did not exactly have the absolute best regions strategy.

    Please stop pretending that so many SYN players joined TM, SYN players scattered to different alliances.

    Please stop pretending the merge function isn't horribly unbalanced. Forwarding hardly even makes up for it. It just doesn't.

    Yeah TM leaders do not need to come whine on the forums that they lost and point out all your cheating and gold abuse, thankfully for them they have us for that :P So they get to sit pretty and pretend they ever had a chance, when they didn't and it was pointed out to them before. I told people that this was about the time frame for when things would crash on TM, it was obvious studying the settling and operations from MAD.

    SYN suffered the bad luck of timing, I was gone during the key time we were getting smothered in the crib by MAD (most likely not that much would have been different given the cheating and golding). If MAD had gone after TM first, they too very OBVIOUSLY would have been smashed in short order. You all pretend that because SYN fell first we were the worst? You just as easily defeated TM in just about the same amount of time it took you to defeat SYN, so haters please stop fronting.

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  • well i personally was in PB and let me tell you TM merged troops a LOT. On top of that their gold spending isnt something to be shy about. Am pretty sure the merging which afrodita did required a lot of gold.

    The fact remains that TM wasted hammers and def on us during which time they could have fought MAD. We were seriously outclassed by TM but didnt mean we deleted. Its sad to see that a well planned game by MAD is not being appreciated.

    MAD had diplomatic relationships with a lot of alliances, PB too. However as such we never took their assistance nor did they ask of us. Doing so ensured that we dont enroach upon their regions while we fight with TM. This was a good plan, yes PTP is meant for a 60 member team but i will concur that MAD planned well.

    You say they are cheating but so did TM, Fremen and many other players have been frequently banned and unbanned. I personally cheifed a decent TM hammer next to be who was once banned for botting.

    The point remains that players in TM cheated too and so did MAD. This does not mean blame is entirely on MAD. You should blame the administration which dosent wreck the account on cheating but instead gives mild bans.