Marketplace suggestions

  • Hi

    So i like where we are going with the marketplace changes, but i have some suggestions that i think should be added in game.

    #1 The new sistem with hh:mm when creating new trade route, i think we could also add seconds, if we have goten to this point.

    The real changes that i thing could be beneficial to most playes are:

    #2 SELECT ALL comand when selecting trade routes to activate and when deleting trade routes

    #3 I think that there should be more windows or (someting similar) like you have when watcing reports. So when u get to trade routes u can select the village that u want to activate trade routes and then select them with all button

    #4 Have different names for trade routes for instance deff or off, or maybe u are sending wheat separately than other trade routes

    Everything that i mentioned would look something like this:

    So u could select village that u have trade routes to and then u could also select type of trade route that u have and it would show only that type of trade routes, that way it would be easier to select all/delete all/ edit all.

    #5 is about editing the trade route, to my knowledge u can only edit one route at a time, and i think that this i useless and if u want to edit more trade routes it is better if u just make new trade routes for selected village.

    I think that somehow sums it up and i think that these changes for marketplace would be really good if u play on phone.

    If nothing else i would really like the delete button to be implanted, like with reports u select reports and then delete them all with one press.

    If someone has similar ideas, or more developed ones we can discuss them here.

    Anyway, i'm here to listen to everyone's opinion and i hope you guys give me your feedback.

    Best reagrds

  • ..


    i would love it if I could sort by net beneficial ratio of trades on offer..

    if 1:1 is the best anyone has to offer?

    great, fine.

    But i've offered greater-than-equal deals and had takers, when i've needed something in a pinch.

    &rn i wanna see if anyone else is offering similarly

    (if the 1:1 ratio display option actually does this already, cool.)

  • I can confirm that at the moment filtering 1:1 already shows you offers with better ratio's, for example 0.8 will also be in the list when you have 1:1 selected.

    A sorting function by clicking the table titles would still be nice, as currently it's always ordered by walk time.