Picture of the Day

  • I have borrowed the idea to this thread from Com, and I hope we can use the same rules here.

    With the merged domains well up and going, we all come from different parts of the world, it's time to share the beauty of each part of our wonderful world.
    Ordinary pictures from your countries, can and will most likely be amazing photos for the others.

    Let's start "Picture of the day" thread!
    How was you day? What was the weather like in your town? Did you see anything interesting? Do you have a beautiful garden?

    Show us your pictures.

    Main rules:

    1) Pictures should be taken by you (or a person you know), not something from the internet.

    2) It should be recent picture. Not something taken years ago. A week or 2 max.

  • I have been som days up north in Norway, and would love to share some pictures with you.
    This is from the day we arrived, and the view are from Bodø.

    Majestic mountains!

    Saltstraumen is a small strait with one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. It is located in the municipality of Bodø in Nordland county, Norway. It is located about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) southeast of the town of Bodø.

    Here the water is on the way in, starting to create the famous maelstrom.

    (... and all those who consider themselves as "not waterproof", stayed away from the water.)

    They was fast, but I managed to catch the Harriers flying in formation over Bodø, right after the first plane broke the formation and turned back to the base.

  • A couple of days ago, I went for a ride on my bike. The trip was only around 16 km long, but I saw a lot of nice things.

    The sorroundings here are wonderful, even if it was rather cloudy this day.

    I scared a bird family :( They ran rather fast towards the lake.

  • I wish we had such scenery, but this is all you can see from my village. ^^


    Anyhow, bought a new toy and went on a test run with my father. :)


    Thank god it got sunnier, since clouds on the image above look slightly worrying.

    Also made a few photos which I think look rather nice, even though the ladybug alnost bailed on me. :P

  • What a lovely thread! Here are some pictures of my doggies enjoying walks and playing in my garden. Murphy, the Dalmatian died last year and I miss him every day, but Amy, the spaniel is as nutty and loving as ever.




    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • Something about English people and their gardens... just makes me wanna have one just the same. :P

  • I went on an expedition in my garden and this is some of the animals I found:




    (yes, I arranged them like that)

    Then I got indoors and thought I should get help with the dishes but I was wrong. He decided to hide instead:


  • When I had my work-holiday up north, we had a some rainy days, and some sunny days.

    It stopped to rain for a short while, and around 01:00 am (GMT+2) I just had to went out to capture the glimpse of the midnight sun.

    The next day, we went on a road-trip up to the top of the mountain.
    Can you imagine this being the main road over the mountain some 20 years ago? (Well the tunnel was actually built in 1995)

    The road wasn't "closed" enough.

    When we get by, it isn't closed?

    A tiny rock, but I wasn't allowed to bring it home, even if I always bring stones back home from each holiday.

    And the view over Storvik, is amazing!
    The whole bay has a white, sandy beach... the water is just a little too cold.
    You are looking at Storvik Bay, and outside are the Norwegian Sea.

  • This log, ~160x40 cm, has annoyed me for the 4 years we have been living in the house.

    Yesterday I decided to cut it up and throw it away. It turned out that it was not as easy as I had thought - the log was so rotten so it fell into small pieces.

    Taadaa! It is finally gone! Took me about 2 hours and I do not understand why I did not do this earlier.

    Then I decided to get rid of all the green/white things that make nobody happy but the escargots.

    I used a scythe:

    Unfortunately it started to rain so I could not take care of what I cut down, so that will be my job today.

  • Stellamini you could have turned that log into a mushroom farm or mulch for your garden you know. Or a planter.

    And this is how I spent my first morning of the school holiday - knitting, reading and drinking iced coffee. It is like 29C and humid out but I persevered sitting outside. I mean it is still spring technically so I should be able to handle the heat.

  • You are welcome to come here, then maybe we can get some sort of order in my garden

    Thank you, but I think I will have enough work in my own garden. :P

    you could have turned that log into a mushroom farm or mulch for your garden you know. Or a planter.

    It was too rotten, it fell into pieces when I touched it and was full with ants and ant's eggs. <X

  • Still no clue as to what type of bug it is.

    The type that makes you look like a toadstool if you have an open window while watching movies overnight...

  • Last night, one of my neighbours came to me and handed me a plastic bag. I opened it and there it was 20 freshly laid eggs!

    This made me very happy and to thank him, I gave him a bottle (15 dl) of our home brewed beer. That seemed to make him happy.